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Travel-and-Leisure Fantastic Vacation Packages at New Orleans Hotels If you would like to celebrate your anniversary or any special event or occasion in a new place and in a new way with your family or business associates, you will definitely get a good head start if you decide to stay at any Marriott line of Hotels, as being one of the luxurious New Orleans hotels, the Marriott welcomes its guests with fantastic vacation packages. It is one of the most preferable choices to stay for a fun and memorable tour at the Crescent City. For its guests, if offers free breakfast for four and coupons to the Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Zoo. An ideal Valentine special also awaits its guests beginning with a wonderful token upon entering the hotel and a delicious breakfast for two. However, if you and your business partners fancy a game of poker or slots, the Marriott has also linked with the Harrahs Casino so you can avail of free passes plus other specials. Cheap New Orleans Hotels The Mardi Gras Festival is one of the most exciting festivals in the wonderful city of New Orleans that you should never miss. During the month of February, New Orleans hotels are giving promotions due to this festival and are offering low cost hotel rooms ranging from $80 to $100. You can even spend a night at the International House Boutique which is considered as one of the most popular first class hotels. Its ceilings look elegant and sofas and tables are made locally. La Quinta Inn also offers great discounts and you can get some rest at only $89 per night. When we say low cost hotel, it does not mean they cant offer the best quality service. Like any other hotels, they cater free morning meals, a pool for their guests, and a gym. The Queen and Crescent Hotel, and The Clarion Inn and Suites, and the Iberville Suites are also considered as economical yet similarly comfortable hotels. Travel Guide to New Orleans Hotels 7 Amidst the depression brought about by Hurricane Katrina, the vibrant city of New Orleans has remained consistent in holding its position as being one the most visited destinations in America. The popular French quarter and the shopping centers, being part of the citys commercial district, fortunately have not been very affected with the disaster and remain to show a sanitary environment. Undeniably, the citys lively character tangled with a combination of French, Spanish, and African cultures, among others has continued to evoke exciting stories and events that entice people to visit the enchanting Crescent City. To better appreciate the Big Easy, begin your vacation by hiring a street vehicle to the French Quarter. Once there, walking around the walls of the ancient landmark would give you a sneak peak of the famed architectural structures like the courtyards and the verandas of the beautiful New Orleans hotels in the Quarter. On the other hand, let Jackson Square entertain you with soothing music being played just along the streets. This part of the city has never ceased to receive all-out admiration from visitors and sightseers alike. New Orleans Hotels, Discounts, and More The Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana has been entertaining the world with its colorful parades and magical performances since 1837. Also referred to as The Greatest Free Show on Earth, the Mardi Gras is one of the United States most popular and sought-after celebrations. Whats fantastic is that several first rate New Orleans hotels take part in the celebration by delighting Mardi Gras fans and sightseers with incredible hotel packages plus a lot more. One of the hotels joining the Mardi Gras promotion is the Intercontinental Hotel, an elegant hotel that is conveniently settled within the city central. It delights its guests with festival deals that include lowered nightly rates, complimentary entrance to a specific area that has a full and relaxing view of the festivities, and a free Carnival token from the Intercontinentals world class service. The Hotel Monteleone is another one of the participating hotels which is nestled just along the popular art galleries, malls, and world class diners. As part of its package, it presents its guests with a drink upon arrival plus a complimentary taste of one of their wines served at the Hunt Room Grill. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: