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Health The profession of Chiropractic treatments has been around for hundred of years. Today the number of chiropractor doctors has topped 50,000 practicing doctors in the United States. This positions third among preventive medicine experts trailing only physicians and dental professionals. The rationale for the multitude of chiropractors is directly connecteded to the appeal of sufferers. Many people these days are opting to accept the pathway of a more organic healing method. This all natural approach to medicine requires upkeep of the spinal column, not just rehab. This "repeat customer concept" of routine maintenance rather than cure, allows the chiropractor to fill his book of business and earn a suitable living with little to no ensuing promotion. Now for a little history on the use of chiropractic treatments we have to go all the way back to ancient China. The time-frame is as early as 2700 B.C. in China and Egypt. Other civilizations have also made use of this style of healing which includes the Tibetans and Hindus. Within North America, hieroglyphics portray the use of "back walking" by the ancient native Indian inhabitants. Just as with many other forms of natural healing, this non-invasive, drug-free system is an elemental component of the human Hippocratic history. Hippocrates himself was conscious of the benefit of spinal manipulation. He figured out the relation of the nervous system and illness. A healthy spine is the means to maintaining all body systems working to their maximum effectiveness. When the body is working effectively it is able to stave off illness and other disorders common to the greater population. Avoiding such diseases and ailments leads to a significantly more healthy, more productive existence. The United States alone has over 20 million people under chiropractic supervision. Worldwide the number is considerable. This skill is not as prominent in less civilized countries as a result of the considerable education involved to be a licensed specialist of chiropractic medicine. The schooling needed is much more intense than typical health care providers. Though not as intensive as medical doctors and dentists, the chiropractic training takes years to acquire. A thorough understanding of the nervous system and how it relates to all bodily operations is quintessential. The adjustment of the spine to remedy subluxations and enable free movement of blood and synapses to the nervous system is the center of the science. Each level of the vertebrae carries nerves to different functions of the body. As an example, the upper vertebrae have discs and nerve roots denoted with the letter "C". This represents the cervical region of the spine or the neck area. There are 7 cervical discs with 8 nerve roots. This phraseology is in no way linked to the female cervical area known as the cervix. The other discs and nerve root identifications are "T" for thoracic and "L" for lumbar. An added area is labeled as the sacral area. That is your lower spine and tailbone. By understanding which parts of the spine are associated with which body functions it is possible to manipulate and revitalize that particular vertebrae and nerves. There are various symptoms that can be cured by pinpoint manipulation of the related vertebrae. For example, allergies, head colds, runny nose, and other sinus related complications are associated with the cervical vertebrae. The nerves passing through those vertebrae control the eyes, the lacrimal gland, parotid gland and the arms. In addition, the heart, lungs and thorax all include nerves running through the cervical part of the spine. This is why an individual who has been paralyzed by severing the nerves at that certain cervical disc cannot survive without the help of life support systems. The spine and its health are extremely important to good health and the sole focus of chiropractic medicine. Just about every malady known to man can be managed holistically with the constant steady use of spinal column manipulation. Maintenance is the key. Having your spine manipulated regularly keeps your nervous system operating efficiently and thereby yielding the body maximum potential for normalcy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: