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Health Porcelain, when used for fillings and other dental work, can look exactly like a real tooth. Also referred to as ceramic, it is significantly stronger than other dental materials and is the favored material for dental work. Porcelain inlays are known to be very durable, and bind onto the tooth and increase the overall strength of the tooth and are superior to repair somewhat damaged back teeth. They bind the damaged parts of the tooth together and are fixed into place with special adhesives. When the demands of cosmetic changes in the mouth are too great for simple bonding, porcelain laminate veneers may be used. Sometimes referred to as laminates, veneers are painless, quick and can completely change a smile. These are used to alter shape, size, color and the positioning of the teeth. Often this can be chosen in place of orthodontic work. A recent patient of Dr. Maddahi, LF, shares his experience, First of all you should know that I am a successful model. Some companies would have me pose not smiling however some would not take me at all because of my teeth. That was taking a toll on my career and my self esteem, as I was missing out on some jobs. I needed to do something about it because it was introverting. I went to several dentists before finding Dr. Maddahi. They told the job was too complicated because the eye-tooth had grown in sideways and overlapping. They said I could not have veneers, and I would need braces. I Googled for the best cosmetic dentists in the world and Dr. Maddahi came up. I knew he could do the job. We started the same day because I had a shoot coming up in ten days and I needed it done as soon as possible. Dr. Maddahi made it happen against all odds. Now people are asking me if I am actor including casting agents who are giving me their cards. I am shooting as an actor for HBO next Thursday in a speaking roll! My girlfriend, who is an actress, feels she needs to get her veneers done as well. She wants to have a complete smile makeover because she loves the work he did on me and wants the same reactions Im getting to further her career. Porcelain is often favored for a crown. If much of the tooth is missing or strength is needed for chewing, jacket crowns made of porcelain can be suggested. They have the most realistic look of all crown restorations. Porcelain jackets are pure porcelain crowns placed on a fully prepared tooth. Gold inlays are the strongest and longest lasting back teeth restoration procedure. Dr. Maddahi explains. If individual back teeth are broken down but some good healthy tooth structure remains, porcelain fused to gold inlays are often used. Porcelain adheres to gold better than any other metal and additionally, gold is a hypoallergenic material. The benefit of this restoration is the advantage of gold underneath which supports the tooth during heavy biting, therefore protecting the tooth and the nerve. Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, has been specializing in creating beautiful, natural smiles and superior dental health for 20 years and is located in Beverly Hills at 436 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 202 and can be reached at 310-888-7797. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: