Summary of Euro institutional outlook in February 26th (sub city) 强奸金洁

In February 26th the euro institutions view summary (sub city) HY MARKETS Euro dollar: Map hour still located near the 1.10 mark narrow finishing, but the action can be still insufficient; the 4 hour chart continues from the highest level since 1.1380 shock downward trend, not breaking the 1.11 line to further open space; the daily decline is slowing, beware of the 10 day the average of exchange rate pressure. It is recommended to make a short stop near 1.1080 and stop at the top of 1.1120, first look at 1.1000, further 1.0950. NZGFT Deng Foote Euro dollars daily chart pullback to support efforts to slow down the callback 55 near average, with the weakening of the callback kinetic energy, the euro’s recent turmoil continue. From the hourly chart trend, the euro dollar last trading day around the 1.1045 high slightly adjusted, continued the short-term rebound pattern, with the rebound kinetic energy is further enhanced, further rebound in the day to 1.1110. Short line support 1.1010, resistance 1.1140. Invest Thursday the euro dollar shock traded at 1.10 above, slightly higher. U.S. economic data released the day mixed, January durable goods orders rose 4.9%, but early last week, please increase, Fed officials Brad and Lockhart continued to publish neutral point of view, did not show a clear policy prospects clues, $to maintain a narrow range of finishing, slightly under pressure, the global economic slowdown worries the euro also benefit. Eurozone January inflation data in the doldrums, at an annual rate of from 0.4% to 0.3%, increase the possibility of the European Central Bank to introduce more easing measures at next week’s meeting, plus the prospects of the U.S. economy as a whole is still better, investors are not optimistic about the prospects for the euro dollar market outlook. Today, the economic data in the United States and Europe are numerous, investors can pay attention to France’s February CPI consumer spending, euro area consumer confidence index in February, Germany February CPI, focusing on the U.S. four quarter GDP correction value and personal income and expenditure in January and other data. In addition, the highly anticipated G20 finance ministers central bank governors meeting today will be kicked off in Shanghai, in the current global economic slowdown and financial market turmoil, the Fed’s first rate hike after hesitation embarrassed the background of the global economic and financial policy will decide on what path to follow is discussed,, investors need to pay close attention to the impact on currencies. Euro dollar rose above 1.1030, short-term technology outlook changed to slightly bullish, the index went up and broke through the middle line. However, the exchange rate needs to recover the 200 day moving average, the 1.104550 regions can rebound further. Below 1.0710 1.1376 and 61.8% retracement of the rally this week low of 1.096055, the next target will point to 1.0900 decline. Support: 1.0960 1.0900 1.0880 1.1050 1.1090 1.1120 resistance: Europe and Asia Strategy: oil prices rise to the market risk sentiment, therefore EURUSD has boosted the rebound, disk, EUR theory

2月26日欧元机构观点汇总(亚市)   HY MARKETS   欧元 美元:小时图仍位于1.10关口附近窄幅整理,但上行动能依旧不足;4小时图延续从1.1380高位以来的震荡下行走势,不破1.11一线难以打开进一步上行空间;日图跌势虽放缓,谨防10日均线对汇价的打压。日内建议在1.1080附近做空,止损设于1.1120上方,先看1.1000,进一步1.0950。   NZGFT登富特   欧元 美元日线图回调到55均线附近获支撑回调力度放缓,随着回调动能的减弱,近期欧元的动荡进一步延续。从小时图走势来看,欧元 美元上一个交易日围绕1.1045高点稍作调整后延续了短线的反弹格局,随着反弹动能的进一步增强,日内进一步反弹至1.1110。短线支撑1.1010,阻力1.1140。   兴业投资   周四欧元 美元震荡交投于1.10上方,轻微收高。美国当日出炉的经济数据好坏不一,1月耐用品订单月率暴涨4.9%,但上周初请人数有所增长,美联储官员布拉德、洛克哈特等继续发表中性观点,未呈现明确的政策前景线索,美元维持窄幅整理,略微承压,而全球经济放缓的忧虑情绪亦令欧元有所获益。欧元区1月通胀数据表现低迷,年率自0.4%下修至0.3%,加大欧央行在下周会议上推出更多宽松措施的可能性,加上美国整体经济前景依然向好,投资者并不看好欧元 美元后市前景。今日欧美方面经济数据繁多,投资者可关注法国2月CPI 消费者支出、欧元区2月消费者信心指数、德国2月CPI,重点是美国四季度GDP修正值和1月个人收入 支出等数据。此外,备受瞩目的G20财长 央行行长会议今日将在上海拉开帷幕,在当前全球经济放缓、金融市场动荡、美联储首次加息后踌躇为难等的背景下,全球经济 金融政策将何去何从,值得探讨,投资者需密切关注对汇市的影响。   欧元 美元升至1.1030上方,短期技术前景转为略看涨,指标走高突破中线。不过汇价需要收复200日均线1.1045 50区域才能进一步反弹。跌破1.0710 1.1376 升势的61.8%回档位以及本周低位1.0960 55,则下一下跌目标将指向1.0900。   支撑位:1.0960 1.0900 1.0880   阻力位:1.1050 1.1090 1.1120   环亚策略   欧美:油价的回升令市场风险情绪好转,EURUSD也因此受到提振展开反弹,盘面上看,EURUSD当前逼近2月16日以来的下降通道上轨线处,若突破上去,则其反弹动能将增强,反之,若破败,则EURUSD将继续面临回落风险,操作上短线可考虑于该上轨线处轻仓做空。   邦达亚洲   欧元昨日震荡上行,日线小幅收涨,现汇价交投于1.1050附近。除空头回补对欧元构成了一定的支撑外,投资者对全球经济放缓的忧虑和中国股市昨日暴跌所产生的避险情绪是支撑欧元昨日反弹的主要原因。不过欧元的反弹空间受限,投资者对欧洲央行3月份进一步施行宽松举措的预期和日内表现疲软的通胀数据拖累了欧元的表现。今日关注1.0970附近的支撑情况,上方压力在1.1100附近。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: