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Tencent and the World Tourism City Tourism Federation reached a strategic cooperation to jointly build city tourism development in September 19th, the 2016 World Tourism City Federation of Chongqing Xiangshan tourism summit opened in Chongqing, from 89 city and 47 tourism related organizations, 6 international organizations attended the summit. At the summit press conference, the World Tourism City Association signed a strategic partnership agreement with Tencent Inc. The Council of the Federation vice chairman of Argentina, Buenos Aires tourism bureau director Gonzalo and Tencent Inc – Robredo regional business department general manager, deputy chief editor of Tencent.com Ms. Ge flame signed the agreement. In the future, the World Federation of tourism cities will be invited to attend and participate in various activities organized by Tencent, forums, exhibitions, and build a platform for communication and exchange of Tencent Inc and member units. The Tencent Inc will use its own industry data, news and other advantages, the Union will provide promotional support, such as a full range of reports in Losangeles at the next summit next year; and to assist all members opened the penguins or WeChat public account from the media and other tools, the release of more fast and accurate, wonderful information. Ms. Ge said that this is a win-win cooperation agreement. The World Tourism City Federation membership includes Berlin, Losangeles, Barcelona and other tourist destinations in the world; the Tencent Inc’s Tencent.com, Tencent, WeChat news, QQ and other products have a high influence and the vast number of users in the country and the world. The signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will further promote cooperation between the two sides of the depth and breadth of the Tencent Inc will use their own technology and influence, the integration of partner resources industry chain, as the World Tourism City Federation provides mobile, theme, function and interaction of the propaganda and service, to better promote the development of global tourism city. The 2016 World Tourism City Federation of Chongqing Xiangshan tourism Summit for a period of four days, from all over the world on behalf of the city will focus on the theme of economic sharing with the world tourism city development ", to discuss the world tourism development plan, and will examine the rich tourism resources in Chongqing City, the experience of" landscape of the beautiful Chongqing · ". The general assembly also elected the second board of directors, the appointment of Song Yu as Secretary General of the federation. The General Assembly adopted the Chongqing declaration of the World Federation of tourism cities, the initiative of the tourism cities to actively introduce the concept of shared economic development, in order to promote the sustainable development of tourism in the world to make greater contributions. According to the Federation Secretary General Song Yu, listened to the 4 city council declared the 2017 summit, and the four city’s bid for the 2018 summit statement, and voted the 2017 summit held in Losangeles City, and the 2018 summit held in Qingdao city.相关的主题文章: