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"Sparrow" Kan Qingzi turned Li Yifeng diehard powder silent guard – Sohu "sparrow" entertainment Kan Qingzi Kan Qingzi Li Yifeng turned the diehard powder -06 Sohu entertainment TV drama "sparrow" 25 held in Beijing, fixed gear conference, starring Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, Kan Qingzi et al to attend. Kan Qingzi played in the "sparrow" in Li Xiaonan, careless character, enthusiastic. In the trial of the main tone, is a rare bright flower in full bloom in the clouds is the sun flower". At last, "sparrow" also announced the long-awaited, on September 5th officially landed Hunan TV prime time broadcast. Kan Qingzi Li Yifeng turned the diehard powder by Li Yifeng called "elder brother" exposure requirements at the conference site the relationship between the characters of trailers, Li Xiaonan Li Yifeng’s Chen Shen’s pure and warm feelings are memorable. Kan Qingzi joked: "fans should be very sympathetic to Li Xiaonan, because it is Chen’s absolute loyalty!" Although in the play repeatedly rejected Li Xiaonan, but in the field of Li Yifeng or to the character of the high evaluation of the figure: "I think every man, after watching" sparrow "should be in love with the fall of Li Xiaonan Li Xiaonan". At the scene, Kan Qingzi was a drama of Li Yifeng’s enthusiastic attitude, always habitually called the teacher of the peak of the "Li Yifeng"". This new offbeat called not only provoked the crowd of fans laugh, numerous Tucao attracted more Li Yifeng, and bluntly told Kan Qingzi: "you call my brother on the line!" "Camouflage is the best Guardian" Li Xiaonan identity mystery when opened? In the sparrow conference, in addition to Shi Ko played by Li Xiaonan, the other each role has its own very clear camp division. This can not help but also let the audience curious, so the volatility in the downstream environment go live Li Xiaonan, is really as simple as the surface? "Love is warm, and death is easy," and disguises may be the best"…… These are associated with Li Xiaonan sentence trailers, seems to imply that, on the surface of the bright warm Li Xiaonan, behind the identity is not just so simple. At the press conference, Kan Qingzi also cast all of Li Xiaonan’s true identity of this problem are evaded, only slightly revealed let everyone see Li Xiaonan identity reversal finale. It seems that the identity of the mystery of Li Xiaonan, can only wait until after the TV broadcast to announce the answer.   相关的主题文章: