Mobile photography masterpiece P9 lens under the New Zealand full of artistic conception cad2012序列号和密钥

Cell phone photography masterpiece: P9 lens under the new mood of Ji’nan Qilu Evening News on November 11th, the world is so big, I would like to see this sentence was a brush circle of friends. The fire, probably because it describes a longing for free. Want to get rid of the troubles of life? Then quickly put on a pair of comfortable shoes, backpack on the back, and then take a portable camera to travel around the world! The HUAWEI P9 has a camera performance that is not inferior to that of the camera and is superior to the camera’s small size, and is the perfect companion for your world tour. With "Oceania is the most beautiful country in the world, there are four seasons never stop wind, with the fragrance of Wellington steak, which is the national bird of New Zealand, the country looks a little art fan children. The quiet forest in the distance, endless cave, this beautiful country to the other side of the Pacific, too many beautiful fantasy. The first stop should be set sail here, your friend HUAWEI P9 has been on the line. The beginning of New Zealand, despite the bad weather, but the rain don’t have a view of new zealand. The sky is not good day for the black and white effect. P9 in the black and white photo processing, to maintain a high level of Leica camera style, simple to highlight the level. The clouds mottled shadow, mountains like rocks, all seemed to become small. In the Leica P9 lens and the whole world, showing a unique Zen, let you completely give up little troubles of life and work, and this peaceful world. Through the door, came to Waitomo Caves. Underground cave eight hours all the time in the natural wonder. This is a small place, it is worth to make light of travelling a thousand li. Looks like a "big fish" live in Changchun Begonia archway, is actually a warm fire, the light and shadow of the transformation is so magical. The new P9 algorithm in the dark in the beauty, which can self. So even if the surroundings were dark, the fire was able to show the glorious warmth of the sun, and for a moment there seemed to be an illusion to touch the flame and feel its light and heat. Wonderful blue light, in the dark elf like eyes, watching everyone’s thoughts, New Zealand deep beauty in the nature of the ineffable, before we have no secrets. In the natural environment for a long time will miss the hustle and bustle of the city, then we will go to the third station in Westport, new zealand. After dinner stroll in the streets, indulge themselves back naughty children, a touch of this moment, a while there to see. Different from the previous mobile phone in the filter function, the P9 Leica color model is more similar in different styles have different types of film film camera era represented by the complete engraved Leica classic film camera color mode, so even with the beat street small cafe can also give you a piece of art computer wallpaper. This photo in the next touch screen P9 touch, everything is fixed. Think of Leslie Cheung film "days of being wild" in the classic lines, there is a bird called bird with no feet, it only fly, tired sleep in the wind, landing only once in a lifetime, is dead. At that moment, suddenly homesick. HUAWEI P9 records us.相关的主题文章: