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"The art of sky 12 hour special activities" in Art Music non-stop sky arts performances on Saturday the city lawn music square, Qatar Symphony Orchestra in the rain to show the cloudy weather, Taiwan dressed in bright yellow poncho touching the audience. The end of the song, such as the thunder of applause sounded, it belongs to the artist on the stage, but also belongs to the audience insisted on the audience. Yesterday morning, a night of rain building completed "the art of play dream art the sky 12 hour special events, finally ushered in the sun, a rare good weather for the scene boiling away. Although the rain makes the number of performances and art of sky "are canceled, but the rain didn’t stop the pace of home and abroad participating groups, also unextinguishable public enthusiasm for art. Because of the weather, the Qatar Symphony Orchestra scheduled for Saturday night to adjust the repertoire, the original big band performance planning for a copper based music concerts, more suitable for outdoor performances in the rain. The same day, more than and 100 pages of music from Germany, the staff played in the hotel in the evening to print the band spectrum, but also the urgent rental of jazz drums and other musical instruments. The scene, despite the heavy rain, but the player completely ignored the voice through the rain bright brass music heartshaking. The afternoon of the same day, the Shanghai opera house in Daning tulip Park sing of great momentum of "Long March suite", more and more people get to the stage, without listening. After washing overnight rain, green lawn oozed the fragrance of the earth. The Shanghai music hall around the square, "art play dream — Art of sky 12 hour special events" in the recent rare good weather, smooth welcoming. The 31 boys choir, Saint Cole of Israel the contemporary dance "edge", Kunplug Zhang Junxin Opera Concert, new mill central Zimmer "Posuo Yin sigh," Lotus fam concert and the Irish Celtic Woman Choir Concert, wheat seeds plan "Choir concerts in the city lawn Music Square’s outdoor stage debut turns the Shanghai Music Hall; the main hall, the weekly radio concert, Canada Quebec band Malika Tirolien concert has appeared, even the music hall in the South Hall was bustling, Jiangsu Suzhou Province, the" dream "of the Kunqu Opera" Peony Pavilion ", Shanghai opera" Purple hairpin "also make the fans enjoy. In addition to the wonderful performances, "parent-child interaction", "creative market" and "VR," Cosplay experience "Parody" and other elements, so that more people play art. But the weather change constantly, art is always in the sky.相关的主题文章: