Wuhan, a company more than ten employees were suddenly dismissed and suddenly asked to go to work 小坂めぐる

Wuhan, a company employee was dismissed more than ten suddenly and suddenly they are required to work the newspaper news (reporter Shi Wei) "we suddenly quit, compensation is negotiated, and suddenly let us come to work, or by automatic leave processing, good talk before can not get compensation." Yesterday, the reporter has received a number of readers to call, claiming to be fired with the same company for no reason, and can not get due compensation. The first to reflect the situation of journalists is Miss Wang, she and seven or eight other colleagues was originally the Wuhan Xintian Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Xintian) employees, are financial positions, serving time in two months to 8 months, suddenly on the same day was expelled from the company. "There is no reason, is the only company personnel adjustment, let us write a leave application, and then in accordance with the" labor contract law "give us reissue month salary, while giving compensation." Miss Wang said that she was the afternoon of September 9th, the company received notice of the day, after finishing the handover. "After completing the handover, the company will in my fingerprint attendance punch card machine also cleared. Who knows Sunday, suddenly received a phone company, so that second days to work on time, otherwise, in accordance with the automatic processing, the company will not have any compensation." Miss Wang said, with her on the same day was dismissed a total of about 10 people, she asked about it, we almost received a similar call. Wang believes that this is the company in order to get rid of compensation, deliberately forced employees to form the fact that the resignation. Reporters rushed to the Xintian company, a dozen staff at the scene, and is the company responsible person to negotiate. Mary was expelled from the staff told reporters that she is originally a financial group in charge of the company, the group has a total of four people, one of whom is just starting in less than a month of the new, "we three old employees were fired, handed over to the new. We are more than 5000 yuan of wages in the old staff, the company suspected of deliberately forcing the old employees to leave, in order to save costs. The company also took all of our labor contracts." Reporters at the scene interviewed the company’s legal ms.. Ms. Wong introduced, in accordance with the normal procedures, the company dismissed employees need to be signed by her own confirmation, but the one-time dismissal so many employees did not sign the consent of her own. "Why dismiss these people, I do not know, we are a company surnamed Wang, deputy general manager, he did not ask me to sign. Specific reason to ask him." Reporters on the scene to call the total Wang’s phone, he said he was outside, the whole situation has been clear to Ms. Wong, the answer to the reporter’s questions, and then hung up the phone. MS Wong said that the company will face the problem, solve the problem, the employee’s labor contract to cover the official seal, the official seal is currently in the field, so the contract did not give employees. But we will be in accordance with the "labor contract law", a monthly salary, and shall be given compensation." Reporters in the interview process, the labor inspection team Wuchang district a staff rushed to the scene, listening to the staff that were subsequently asked to corporate Ms. Huang, the requirements within a week will company information, including employee payroll to the labor supervision department. The staff member said.相关的主题文章: