Amazon announced the six dangerous thing stills Woody · Alan Pro battle (video) jinshen

Amazon announced the "six dangerous thing" stills Woody · Alan Pro battle "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on August 30th (author: Kate Stanhope) local time on Tuesday (August 30th), video streaming website, Amazon announced a new comedy "six dangerous thing" (Crisis in Six Scenes) 7 stills, in this by the famous American director Woody · Alan (Woody Allen) to create a television drama, starring Alan himself, including Woody · Miley · Sellers (Miley Cyrus), Elaine · (Elaine May); Mei, and the "house of cards" (House of Cards) actress Rachel · Burrows Na A (Rachel Brosnahan) and "women’s prison" (Orange Is the New Black) actor John · Magaro (John Magaro). This comedy is the length of 6 sets, each set a half hour long drama, story time is in the last century in 60s, it was a turbulent period in the United States, the film tells the story of a middle class suburban family story, a family will get into the family. Woody · Alan as the comedy creator, screenwriter and director, the show will be aired in September 30th this year. At the same time, this drama is Woody · Alan produced the first scripted drama, the drama of the earliest in January 2015 to achieve a predetermined, series length and cast a long time in a state secret, earlier this month at the Television Critics Association summer news conference, this drama only officially released a trailer. (translated by Frank) to record the wonderful fragments of Woody and相关的主题文章: