Eason Chan Leslie Cheung sing songs mourning brother send kiss naughty怎么读

Eason Chan Leslie Cheung sing songs send kiss mourning brother Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 13th news, according to Hongkong media reports, "brother" Leslie Cheung yesterday (September 12th) 60 birthday, around the "brother fan" to mark the superstar. Leslie Cheung’s beloved "Tang" Tang Hede in the morning at the Instagram upload a photo of the fireworks, and the message: "you, he is brilliant fireworks!" Miss Yu, also thanks brother fan support in all weathers every year. As for Leslie Cheung’s manager Chen Shufen, yesterday (September 12th) and Leslie Cheung’s good friend from all over the world together with 1000 "brother fan", with a birthday cake, fruit, such as crane to Bao Fushan, wishes Leslie Cheung a happy birthday. The songs of Chen Shufen as a birthday gift by Chen Shufen composed of "brother" fans will invite Ku Kui Kei [micro-blog] sing song "Dear Leslie", and Leslie Cheung’s bogey on the step zero broadcast. Chen took the song to Bao Fushan and shared it with the fans and gave it to Leslie Cheung as a birthday present. "Elder brother fan" listen to this song to make their voices heard, to Leslie Cheung presented flowers, touching scene. Japanese fans were only 912 cranes in Japan "brother fan" this year as the idol gave a 60 birthday gift, 912 red and gold cranes represent auspicious meaning; in addition to red is Leslie Cheung’s favorite color, better than "brother fan" to the elder brother that a hot constant heart. "Brother fan" for red lights rose flowers Hongkong fans will be Red Mission last night (September 12th) held a large-scale commemorative activities in the central waterfront space, nearly 4000 "fans gathered for Leslie Cheung’s brother.". Eason Chan [micro-blog] (Eason) to star membership appeared, and Lei Youhui turns to Leslie Cheung sing classic songs, the audience. Activity in the evening 8 pm, the "brother fan" raised the red rose lamp favorite of Leslie Cheung, the formation of a piece of flowers, the audience chorus birthday song, by 5 from different places "brother fan" on behalf of the cut the cake, and led the audience shouted: "brother, Happy birthday." Eason Chan said: "I am honored to participate in this party, dedicated to my dearest brother." He sang the song "four seasons", which often looked at the photo behind Leslie Cheung’s sweet smile, old friend; after the song, Eason Chan to kiss said: "Happy Birthday, Leslie (Leslie Cheung)!" Red Mission spent 7 digit office commemoration Congress spokesman Irene said: "this year coincides with the brother’s 60 birthday, the Chinese is a big day, so have chosen this large venue. The production cost is the crown of the year, up to 7 digits, more than all the ‘fans’ support." She said the scene with 2000 seats, 1000 stations, a lot of people outside the grass "sat on the floor, there are nearly a thousand people gathered outside the core". (Ying Ying)相关的主题文章: