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Seaweed travel in the up position! Seaweed secret – beyond the imagination of Sohu is Mamali I travel, travel for a long time Mamali attention. Column: [city] find recommended language explore the mystery as the size of the city [Live] a hotel with the "reward" the attitude of the hotel [public space] see the "public" Museum [] and diners say two or three things on the delicacy [] Raiders purely practical good share [story] dry cargo travel that little journey "thing" [Mamali travel journal] talk about my journey of love like always, I know the seaweed, but a round green sticky stuff. However, the rise of a posture of the Qingdao Moon Group seaweed trip, completely broke my narrow idea, seaweed Jun, it is God’s existence. The seaweed moon group exhibition hall, built a very interesting, walked into the hall, is the head device the ocean, people suddenly into the magical underwater world, looking ahead, highly technological sense of building arc and silver white decorative style, the feeling of minutes will bring people into the high-tech the world. Well trained staff, looks sweet, sounds good. The seaweed from her mouth is not a piece of wood. Seaweed is a marine plant that grows in shallow waters of the beach and is mainly used for the extraction of alginate gel. Seaweed is rich in a variety of bioactive substances, whether it is as a daily food, or the extraction of active substances as drugs, seaweed has a very high nutritional elements of human life. First of all, the seaweed mask. Seaweed mask oil control clean pores, provide adequate moisture, calm fatigue, rough skin, so that the skin to maintain a delicate, shiny. Pure natural plant algae, is a multifunctional effective facial mask, after, beauty, high tech medical research center of invention, it contains protein, vitamin E, can play on facial skin to wrinkle, freckle, whitening, anti-inflammatory, eliminate eye eye wrinkles, increase nutrition moisture, make skin more elastic and youth force. Pure natural ingredients! Seaweed nutritional value is very high, the Japanese Koreans love to do seaweed soup, not for no reason. Enhance immunity and antitumor activity of the material is in seaweed, in traditional Chinese medicine, several Brown cooked after can be used for the prevention and treatment of cancer, the hot water extract is the main component of polysaccharide. Seaweed rich in dietary fiber, fiber content of seaweed is about the dry weight of 30 ~ 65%, far greater than the average content of beans, Cereals, vegetables and fruits. Seaweed can lose weight oh! Seaweed food fiber into the human stomach, due to the absorption of water and swelling, easy to cause satiety, avoid excessive intake of food and obesity, and to achieve weight loss health effects. Dietary fiber in the body can help digestion and promote waste excretion, to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria in the body, with the role of intestinal. According to the development situation of the future of the industry and consumer demand trend, the group of careful planning, scientific advance industry layout, according to the control strategy, the source terminal, set up "the layout of the development of one center, three bases", which.相关的主题文章: