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One cold day, face more five years? Sohu – Introduction: the winter of this year has not stopped, these days there are thoughts of their own face problems, is not found in the skin suddenly not good? Dry, rough, wrinkled more, skin color worse, the most terrible, and painted everything on the face, as if not absorbed! One cold day, face more five years.   saved? It’s better to make sure that your face is really old suddenly, or because it’s freezing. For the skin, there are two major disasters, one is exposure, two is low temperature, cold. The damage of ultraviolet rays has been tossed over and over for many years, and most people are not even familiar with it. But the influence of the cold is rarely mentioned. It’s cold. The skin is actually a disaster area. In order to keep warm, the body consumes most of the energy and nutrients, in the outermost layer of the skin, the original can be separated " rations " not much, the lower the temperature, the less nutrients available. Low temperature causes capillary contraction, circulation slows down, the skin can only get that point of poor supplies, but also from time to time in the " unable to reach " in time; in the state. On the other hand, the amount of water secreted by the skin itself is greatly reduced, which means that the sebum film on the skin surface becomes weak and the water is easier to drain away, and the external adverse stimulation is more likely to invade. So, there is a winter drink also feel face dry stretch, then wipe the oil skin feels thicker hard, the wind blows with a pile of dry peeling, itching, with nothing to what is the problem. It’s because the natural barrier system is damaged. Apply oil and wipe thick cream! However, even the oil is also afraid of low temperature! Feel a lot of things greasy in the face, makeup is easy to take off, really not because of " do not absorb " but the oil in cosmetics near freezing point, liquidity worse, no longer as good as the original push, no longer fit the skin.  ? What else can I do? Warm yourself! As long as the body feels warm, not just no longer cold, the skin will naturally follow the light, light, delicate. You push open the cosmetics is relatively simple, with prior to the thick cream ah ah try to rub the skin oil, don’t foolishly take make-up water against the blind also Meiqimingyue emulsification, the amount of foot, then try to warm and knead again to wipe his face. Always feel chilly, first pay attention to wear more. Don’t to grace not to temperature, cold fainhearted shivering, loss of temperature, also retain grace. Not feel cold and empty body also easy to get angry, in addition to drink brown sugar ginger tea, eat spicy heavy Hot pot, have nothing to do with rock bath, the body can feel the chill out. Drink hot water, taste, and slow yourself down like a raw meat. At the very best, it can only make you feel warm for a moment, without any persistence. Really let the body without fear of cold way, only two: eat a thick enough uniform body fat, with warm down jacket. However, when the day gets warmer, the body fat also certainly not like clothes, and you can easily take off. 天一冷,脸就显老五岁?-搜狐  导语:今年的冬天就一直没有消停过,这几天还有心思顾及自己颜面问题的,是不是发现皮肤突然就变不好了?干、糙、皱纹变多、肤色变差,最要命的,还有涂什么都腻在脸上,好像根本不吸收!天一冷,脸就显老五岁。     还有救吗?不如先搞清楚,你的脸皮,是真的突然老了,还是因为冻坏了。对皮肤来说,有两大灾难,一是曝晒,二是低温严寒。紫外线的伤害被翻来覆去地讲了许多年,大部分人即便没有耳熟能详,也都大致有个印象,但严寒的影响,却很少被提及。   天冷了,皮肤其实是个重灾区。身体为了保暖,耗去了大部分的能量和养分,处于最外层的皮肤,本来可以分得的"口粮"就不多,温度越低,能获得的养分供给就越少。低温造成毛细血管收缩,循环变慢,皮肤仅能得到的那点可怜的补给,还不时处于"无法及时到位"的状态中。另一方面,皮肤自身的油分水分分泌量大幅度减少,意味着皮肤表面起到保湿和防护的皮脂膜变得薄弱,水分更容易流失,外界不良刺激更容易入侵。所以,严冬中总难免有再喝水也感觉脸干绷,再抹油皮肤也摸起来变粗硬,风一吹就干纹一堆加爆皮,啥也不用刺痒、用点啥却刺痛的问题。都是因为天然屏障系统受损了。   抹油,抹厚质面霜!然而连油分也怕低温呢!觉得好多东西腻在脸上,妆也容易脱,真不是因为"不吸收",而是化妆品里的油分接近凝固点,流动性变差了,不再像原来那么好推开也不再那么贴合皮肤了。     还能怎么办?取暖靠自己啊!只要身体感觉暖和了,不光不再那么怕冷,皮肤也会自然而然跟着变亮变光变细嫩呢。嫌美容品推不开的相对简单,涂抹前努力把厚厚的面霜啊护肤油啊尽量搓热了,别再傻乎乎地拿化妆水瞎兑还美其名曰乳化了,该用的量用足,然后尽量捂暖揉匀了再往脸上抹。   老觉得浑身发冷的,首先注意多穿。别老为了风度不要温度,冷得缩头缩脑瑟瑟发抖的样子,失了温度,也保不住风度。非觉得自己体寒又虚还容易上火的,除了猛喝红糖姜茶,猛吃重油重辣火锅,没事就做岩盘浴,觉得能把体内的寒气逼走。喝热糖水、重口味、把自己像块生肉一样地低温慢烤,充其量也就只能让你感觉暖和片刻,丝毫没有持久性。   真正让身体不畏寒冷的办法,只有两个:吃出够厚够均匀的一身肥膘,自带保暖羽绒衣。不过,到了天转暖的时候,这身膘也肯定不像冬衣那样,说脱就能轻松脱去。要不,就只能靠运动了。跑步跳操,跳到浑身发热冒汗,至少在接下来的几小时,你还能感受到身体里面的热量,如果有氧运动再加上充分的肌肉训练,一次训练,就能让自体发热的机制保持_24小时以上。   而运动带来的皮肤光泽和活力感,是任何美容品都制造不出来的。当然,真明白运动好处的,早就练起来也不畏寒了。边哆哆嗦嗦边想着天冷懒得动的,还是浑身上下多贴几个暖宝宝吧。相关的主题文章: