6 years old! Wu Chun and his daughter neinei on the Salon (Figure) www.70qq.cn

6 years old! Wu Chun and his daughter Neinei on the barbershop (Figure) Wu Chun in 2014 has brought on the NeiNei reality show "Dad"   according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Wu Chun was "feilunhai" team members, looks handsome, performing drama, captured a large number of young girls heart, 2009 into the auditorium, and has 1 sons 1 female, 2014 had daughter NeiNei on the show "Dad", career to new heights, popular. The 1 day to share with her daughter on the salon photos, netizens after a lapse of 2 years, finally saw the now 6 year old NeiNei moved, set off a discussion. Wu Chun on the 1 day, knowing that many fans are quite curious daughter NeiNei’s situation, especially through micro-blog pictures, is his daughter and salon in Brunei together for the first time on. From the photos, the NeiNei was found to grow many, wearing a dress with long straight legs, bright smile, grin with big eyes and bushy eyes and looking at the camera with the father, and 2 years ago the green appearance, is now a slim girl. Wu Chun and her daughter NeiNei salon in fact, Wu Chun and NeiNei will go to the salon to do modeling, in order to shoot for a magazine photo, 2 people the next day also to participate in the live. Netizens see returning to the 2 interactive fun, in addition to a message that miss Wu Chun put a lot of outside, please also photos of her daughter, high popularity can be seen at the time of "Dad".相关的主题文章: