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A car can be used with a few driver’s license points? Cannot be pin regardless of what kind of car you’re driving, take what kind of license, can not avoid being penalized. We do not know a year deal with illegal and clean up the score is at what time, I believe that many owners have a lot of questions in the clearing, what time is the settlement date? I have a 12 – minute deduction and can be sold with a driver’s license of two? A car can be used to license a few points? A driver’s license and a few cars to sell points? I believe that many owners have such questions, here is one for you to answer. One, a car can take a few driving this sales points? How many copies of a car can be sold? We know that some people privately buy points, especially the bus, truck driver, the driver’s license for sale, 1 points ranging from $200 to several hundred dollars. The new regulations, increased provisions: instead of the actual driver to accept the vehicle traffic offense penalties and scoring and reap economic benefits from the suspended for six months in the motor vehicle driving license, impose a one thousand yuan fine of two thousand yuan. If it is a family of three for their vehicle off points, can be in the actual operation; if it is pure friendship between friends or acquaintances to help sales, a car corresponding as long as no more than 3 people, usually will not be held. There are provisions that the same non driver himself all the more than 3 different vehicle license plate in a year, or more than 3 drivers are the same vehicle license plate to accept illegal treatment, included in the list of key personnel suspected instead to accept the deal, to suspend its illegal business. Two, driving license points what time cleared? 1, driver’s license scoring cycle will never "issue date" the date (date of renewal after the new "effective date" is the new driver’s license scoring cycle start date), a year for the scoring cycle. Clearing time driving license is on the driver’s license issuing date, issuing date day every year in the automatic sorting system. 2, the illegal score if in a scoring period score under 12 points, scoring system will be on a scoring cycle score from the beginning of the next cycle points (paid fines) automatically cleared; three, the one-time deduction of 12 points can be used to pin two driver’s license? A driver’s license deducted 12 points, is a serious violation, to accept the punishment, can not take the two driver’s license processing. Because you are a violation, a violation can not have two drivers to drive, the truth is not, so you can not take the two driver’s license to deal with. According to the Ministry of public security "motor vehicle driver’s license application and management regulations" fifty-eighth motor vehicle drivers in a cumulative score of 12 points scoring cycle, the traffic control department of the public security organ shall detain the motor vehicle driving license. Motor vehicle drivers shall be within fifteen days of the motor vehicle driver’s license issued to the public security organs or illegal traffic management departments to participate in a period of seven days of road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge. After learning examination, remember to clear your 12, returned to the motor vehicle driving license. According to the severity of the road traffic safety violations, the score is a score of 12 points, 6 points, 3 points, 2 points, 1 kinds of points. We must always remember to check the scores!相关的主题文章: