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A primary school in Jiangsu were removed in 3 years has not yet started the class two Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Lingfeiwen photo September 1st all media in the board room, for the majority of children in the province, they can expect to start the new semester in the classroom can with bright windows and clean tables, 145 pupils in Lianyungang Huaguoshan street, still have to continue reading class in the mobile board room, mobile the board usually can be seen in the construction site, here actually turned into the classroom. Yesterday, the Yangtze Evening News reporter survey was informed that, due to the division of Lianyungang adjustment, resulting in delays in the construction of the new school has not been built. In September 20th, the 145 primary school students will be moved to the road of teaching, in September 1st next year will be moved into a new building. The scene looks like a school visit site mobile board room was, recently, Lianyungang Huaguoshan street, many parents to reflect the Yangzi Evening News reporter: in 2013, a local public school – Xinhua primary school by the government demolition, the government promised, can build up the new school year will. However, the new school Xinhua primary school has no signs of construction, the government in 2013 for the 3 row transition short-term mobile board room built, is still called "Xinhua primary school" to the sixth grade classroom, a total of 145 children study here. Yesterday, Yangzi Evening News reporters came to the scene to understand the situation, if not waving a red flag, far from looking like a site, a gate on both sides of a cement concrete wall, which consists of mobile board room two basketball and three rows of green and white, so it is hard to imagine the city of Lianyungang is a a public primary school primary school in Lianyungang City, xinhua. The reporter walked into a classroom, the classroom blackboard, desk, air conditioning Goods are available in all varieties. but because it is mobile, board room, the wall around the classroom, including the door, is actually used foam sandwich composite plate, vigorously push can feel obvious shaking hands, the classroom wire, are also used in line arrangement. In this regard, the parents are very worried, the sandwich board in hot summer and cold winter, the child resistance better than adults, fire performance certainly no foam sandwich is flammable, in case of fire, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. In addition, there are open circuit arrangement, when the child accidentally ripped off the hippie slapstick, how do the electric shock? Parents want their children to enjoy the same reading conditions with other school children, so they three years, repeatedly reflected to the relevant departments. How is the demolition of 3 years the board class? Wang Hai, President of Xinhua primary school told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, their school from grade one to grade six a total of 6 classes of students, teachers, 17. In 2013, because the road was removed before the June 2014 school, obey leadership arrangement moved to the side of the activities of the board. Now 3 years later, why the new school delays in construction? The 145 children perennial in such a difficult, even dangerous environment to study, the relevant departments of Lianyungang know? Yangzi Evening News reporter interviewed Xinhua primary school authorities – Haizhou District Education bureau. According to the Deputy Secretary of the Education Bureau of Haizhou district Party committee Xu Xiangqi introduction, Lianyungang administrative division adjustment is very frequent, the streets of Huaguoshan Street Xinhua primary school, first in 2012 allocated to the Xinhai district.相关的主题文章: