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When the unjust case responsibility to promote fair and open – Sohu financial observers should process publicly accountable unjust case, open the basis and standard, even the introduction of external supervision mechanism. Recently, there have been two rehabilitates unjust case. In February 1st, the Zhejiang provincial high court according to the law of the Chen Man murder, arson retrial open verdict, revocation of the original judgment, Chen declared full of innocence. In February 4th, the high court of Fujian made a retrial on the robbery of Xu Yusen, Xu Jinlong, Zhang Meilai and Cai Jinsen in Putian, declaring that the 4 person was not guilty. The first of them has been arrested since February 28, 1994, nearly 22 years ago. There is no doubt that the two 20 years of unjust case will pull the curtain of responsibility. But people worry that, from past practice, many unjust case few people bear criminal responsibility. In this regard, first of all, based on the rule of law, from the perspective of development to see the problem. From the last century, 79 years to 97 years of criminal law criminal law, and then to the more than 10 years of this century a number of "criminal law amendment", as well as unjust case correction, criminal law protection to all of the suspect and the defendant has been strengthened, the protection of human rights, legality, suspected crime has been further implemented from the principles of philosophy. As a vindication of unjust case as legal liability of misjudged cases, investigators also must strictly comply with the provisions of the criminal law and the criminal procedure law, conviction to the facts are clear, there is ample evidence, the standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt. Moreover, due to the long history and large changes in personnel, some key evidence has been difficult to find out, and the specific responsibility can not be implemented. Moreover, after a lapse of many years, the problem of the limitation of prosecution may also arise. But these reasons are not necessarily understandable to most people. However, unlike the criminal responsibility, since eighteen more emphasis on strict discipline in state law, party and government responsibility is do wrong must bear. Especially for those in the extremely bad influence on the unjust case of disciplinary rules deal with misjudged cases, how to promote the public fair is worth studying. Who is the first to implement the party and government responsibility. It is urgent to set up a relatively independent and convincing subject to promote the judicial reform and actively promote and perfect the judicial responsibility system. Secondly, openness is the key to justice in the process. The process is open and accountable unjust case should be open, the basis and standard, even the introduction of external oversight mechanisms (such as hearing). Moreover, the final report information should be disclosed to the public, including how to determine the specific responsible person, where their dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty. Only publicity can ensure that external supervision and mass supervision are not castles in the air. Finally, it is necessary to implement the law of the recovery of the responsible person and establish an apology mechanism. According to the "State Compensation Law", after the compensation organ has made compensation for damages, it shall order the staff who have intentional or serious negligence to bear part or all of the compensation fees. However, since the implementation of the state compensation law, public reports have never appeared in cases where the responsible person has been recovered. In addition, inquisition by torture as a result of a miscarriage of justice, first of all is to be their personal rights violations, according to the original infringement, may wish to establish a "restitution").

冤案追责当以公开促公正-搜狐财经   观察家  冤案追责应该公开处理过程,公开处理的依据和标准,甚至可引进外部监督机制。  近期,有两起冤案平反昭雪。2月1日,浙江省高院依法对陈满故意杀人、放火再审案公开宣判,撤销原审裁判,宣告陈满无罪。2月4日,福建省高院对莆田许玉森、许金龙、张美来、蔡金森抢劫一案作出再审宣判,宣告4人无罪。他们中的第一个自1994年2月28日被抓至今已近22年。  毫无疑问,这两起20多年的冤案即将拉开追责的大幕。但人们忧虑的是,从以往的实践看,很多冤案少有人承担刑事责任。对此,首先还是要立足法治,从发展的眼光看问题。  从上个世纪的79年刑法到97年刑法,再到本世纪十多年来的若干个《刑法修正案》,与冤案的纠正一样,刑法对所有犯罪嫌疑人和被告人的保护得到了普遍的加强,保护人权、罪刑法定、疑罪从无等原则理念得到了进一步贯彻执行。如同平反冤案错案一样,追究办案者的法律责任同样要严格遵照刑法和刑事诉讼法规定,定罪要达到事实清楚,证据确实充分,排除一切合理怀疑的证明标准。况且,由于年代久远,人员变动大,有的关键证据已难查清,具体责任就不能落实。再说,时隔多年,还可能产生追诉时效已过的问题。只不过,这些原因对于大多数民众来说未必都能够理解。  不过,与刑事追责不同,十八大以来更加强调“党纪严于国法”,党纪政纪责任则是办错案者必须承担的。尤其是针对那些在全国影响极其恶劣的冤案错案,党纪政纪处理如何以公开促进公平公正颇值得研究。  首先是谁来落实党纪政纪责任。在大力推进司法改革,积极倡导完善司法责任制的今天,设定一个相对独立令人信服的主体来落实错案追责已迫在眉睫。  其次,在处理程序上,公开是促进公正的关键。冤案追责应该公开处理过程,公开处理的依据和标准,甚至可引进外部监督机制(如听证)。而且,最后的调查报告信息也要向社会公开,包括如何确定具体责任人,他们失职渎职在什么地方等。唯有公开,才能保证外部监督和群众监督不是空中楼阁。  最后,就是要依法落实对责任人的追偿和建立赔礼道歉机制。根据《国家赔偿法》规定,赔偿义务机关赔偿损失后,应当责令有故意或者重大过失的工作人员等承担部分或者全部赔偿费用。但自《国家赔偿法》施行至今,公开报道从未出现过责任人被追偿的案件。此外,刑讯逼供等导致的冤狱,首先就是对受冤者人身权利的侵害,针对当初的侵害,不妨建立“恢复原状”的弥补方式,即追加一个责任人与受冤者面对面的赔礼道歉程序,这不仅可以起到警示他人的作用,对于被冤枉者,也是最好的精神抚慰。  金泽刚(同济大学法学院教授)相关的主题文章:

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To routine, sincere secret treasure hunt, the lowest price! Yesterday, G20 has been the perfect end, teacher’s day will come, Xi greatly in the G20 summit, said, deeply taught me! So, Xiao Bian ordered a small goals for yourself to do a circle of beach goers!   first step to achieve the goal, a secret treasure hunt, the lowest price!   time: the weekend of September 10th (teachers) location: Dongfeng Nissan franchise stores to content: Objective: the secret treasure chamber of the lowest price! Registration hotline: 020-81510399  (for details, please stamp down) reminder, the day with VIP tickets to participate in secret treasure hunt oh! (1) the treasure box: pay 200 yuan registration fee, you can give the value of 88 yuan blue and white porcelain box; (2): customers can participate in the raffle tickets for raffle tickets, to win lucrative gifts;     (3) the national sport games to participate in sports games: customs clearance, win gift; a game: tablet support?   game two: shooting game?   three games: Archery game?     (4) the original box: give the value of 1900 yuan NISSAN factory explosion-proof membrane; (5) gold gift: 10 boutique gift worth 3488 yuan package; (6) extreme privilege: replacement car to enjoy the maximum 13000 yuan subsidy; (7) the ultimate treasure: give the value of 500 yuan of high-grade folding bicycle; (8) the treasure Car Buying Cheats: enjoy the highest 2 year interest free preferential loans, million yuan; (9) lucky treasure: every successful car customers, can be millions of large pumping appliances Award;   I dare say this is a surprise treasure hunt, you dare to Wanna date me?     in addition, small and give you a good news, you can get a stamp of the safe travel spree!!! Limited number, rush to grab!    相关的主题文章:

Nissan CIMA discount of 8 thousand go luxury dynamic route zznba

Nissan CIMA discount of 8 thousand go luxury dynamic route promotion time: 2016.9.8-2016.09.09 2016 Nissan CIMA 2.5L XV Extreme Edition Phoenix Automotive News: Recently, Phoenix car price information learned from the regional editor Nissan huashengchang franchise dealers, the store currently has a large number of Cima models are cars in the sale, Car Buying can offer 8 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: the price of the latest price quotation CIMA unit: million model guidance price discount inventory situation 2016 2.5L XE Elite Edition 23.48 22.68 inquiry 0.80 cars are plentiful 2016 2.5L XL Deluxe Edition 24.98 24.18 inquiry 0.80 cars are plentiful 2016 2.5L XV Extreme Edition 26.78 25.98 inquiry 0.80 cars are plentiful more concessions please contact the dealer for free Tel: 400-068-1313 6792016 Nissan CIMA 2.5L XV Extreme Edition: financial policy of insurance, priced at 234 thousand and 800 to 2016 2.5L XE Elite Edition models as an example, the first car insurance costs 7 thousand and 800 yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 100 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 5 thousand yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance fee: CIMA models enjoy 3 years one hundred thousand km vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 700 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 900 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. CIMA vehicle maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of 3 years one hundred thousand km maintenance cycle 5000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $700 to replace the oil filter costs about 900 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 7 thousand and 800 yuan Shoufu costs 100 thousand yuan above information for reference to the store for the specific cost accounting: quasi tabulation Phoenix auto > > more details please consult the dealer < < whether a car: Car Dealer Name: Dongfeng Nissan dealers huashengchang franchise store address: Beijing city Haidian District minzhuang Road No. 2 (North Fourth Ring West Xiangshan exit West 1000 meters) Tel: 400-068-1313 679 (dealer mentioned Phoenix car get the message, you will enjoy better service) (the market information collected from local dealers, to date, does not mean The picture in the car manufacturers making plans, price information and picture location independent)相关的主题文章:

Nicole, Kidman, with Lin Xu, shining OMEGA tribute to women’s celebration – Sohu xhero

Nicole? Kidman, Li Qin Lin Yun articles shine OMEGA tribute celebration – female Sohu for more than and 100 years, OMEGA (OMEGA) has always been committed to the production of bright and elegant ladies watch, beautiful appearance and excellent movement is approaching perfect fusion in each watch in. Recently, OMEGA in Beijing held a grand celebration of female tribute, the brilliant achievements made in the celebrated brand ladies watch manufacturing. In the afternoon, Nicole · Kidman visited the Oriental Plaza in Beijing OMEGA flagship store. The store is OMEGA’s largest flagship store in asia. In OMEGA’s global president and CEO Mr. An Shiwen (Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann) to accompany and explain, Nicole understood the brand new lady timepiece, including the first lady to build for the observatory watch — OMEGA constellation series of small second hand watch. This new timepiece equipped with elegant white mother of pearl dial, an exquisite small seconds dial was placed on the 9 position, 4 seconds dial inlaid diamond scale to create a series of vivid rhythm constellation. Nicole · Kidman since 2005 to join the OMEGA ambassador family. Turning to the close relationship between OMEGA and the famous Swiss watch brand, Nicole recalls: can become a member of the OMEGA family makes me feel very good. I am proud of the deep friendship between us, because I am convinced that this is a very precious feelings." As night fell, Nicole · grace attended the women’s celebration night held at the front door in Beijing. That night, she was wearing a beautiful Schiaparelli 2016 winter Haute Couture gown dress collocation, exquisite design LK Bennett shoes, and the new OMEGA constellation series small second hand watch wrist wear is even more shine. A timepiece with 18K red gold watchcase collocation 18K red gold bracelet, the other with a white mother of pearl dial, Nicole reveals the noble and elegant and charming temperament. The Oscar best actress at the scene to share the excitement of the guests came to Beijing: I have not been to Beijing 20 times. I feel very comfortable in China, just like at home." Dinner at the beginning, OMEGA Global CEO Mr. An Shiwen sincerely welcome the distinguished guests from afar, and proud about the long history of OMEGA Ladies Watch manufacturing. "These ladies timepiece us, either now or many antique watches innovation ladies watch, all in line with the brand of DNA," he added, "is always the pursuit of excellence." The dinner scene, the guests enjoy close the history of OMEGA classic and New Ladies Watch Lady timepiece pierre. The new OMEGA Aqua series of hippocampus Terra beauty attracted many eyes, gentle quiet white mother of pearl dial, it can not help but gaze, Tahiti pearls, lavender and coral color dial makes guests amazed endless. And OMEGA enjoy the reputation of the disc flying series Lad相关的主题文章:

By abandoning consumption upgrade small car price volume fell cliff type auto – Sohu www.678rt.com

By abandoning consumption upgrade: small car price volume fell cliff type auto – Sohu "most car prices on the small car market made a strategic judgment, less investment in research and development of new products, the original models just as the cumulative base of customers." September 14th, a car prices executives on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. Small car in the eyes of many car prices, sales and profits are not contributors, but in order to snatch young customers for the first time to buy a car, that is, the so-called base disk customers, plans for future consumer upgrades. According to the China Automotive Industry Association released in August sales data, Chinese car sales growth in the first 8 months of this year, more than two digits, far more than expected. But the small car market sales fell sharply in August sales fell even reached 31%, the fastest decline in the automotive market segments. Small car market is shrinking car prices are reluctant to invest in a new type of car is an important reason, but the new car market is too small, which in turn led to a further loss of the overall market for small cars. "Small cars after a few years of price war, bicycle profits low, with the upgrade of consumption, although the price is cheap, but consumers do not like these products." These people say. SUV and two small car market hot and cold, is the result of market choice. A Guangzhou car sales person in charge said: "the upgrading of consumption is an inevitable trend of automobile market, car prices follow the trend, such as in the past is a small car power, now is the largest share of the A-class car, maybe the future is B car." Shrinking market accelerated in 2011, the small car market is still growing, the share of the market segment is growing, but growth has slowed. That year, China’s A0 class car sales reached 2 million 185 thousand and 100, an increase of 7.6%, accounting for the domestic car market share of 21.6%. Soon, however, a turning point appeared. 2012, A0 class car sales growth of only 0.3%, much lower than the overall growth rate of the car market, A0 class car sales of 2 million 197 thousand and 100 units, the market share of the market segment began to decline in the. But this time, some models in sales on the historical peak, car three car sales reached 262 thousand and 100 vehicles, Rena three car year sales volume reached 207 thousand and 100 units, composed of the first echelon. Second echelon members annual sales are only about 100 thousand, a larger gap. At this point, it is a joint venture car prices dropping large, crowded living space when there is no independent brand. Because of the joint venture brand in the B car and the A-class car competition more fully, this time dropping, many car companies only to size, price and profit are the key issues to consider. The price war promoted the soaring sales of some models, some need to price models, sales quickly reduced. Car three car average monthly sales of nearly 22 thousand vehicles, Rena three car average monthly sales volume of nearly 17 thousand vehicles, this event does not appear again. This sales has been called the legend of small cars, sales began to decline sharply. In the first half of 2013, small car market sales began to decline, down 2.7%. 2013)相关的主题文章: