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Brain girls struggle with the disease 5 years survival death log touched friends – Zhou Yang’s military public channel reversioning photos (front left four) choose a kind of attitude, let oneself live irreplaceable. In September 15th, the Mid Autumn Festival, Yibin City Mou Ping Zhen a dilapidated two storey house, just one week four people around the table, each meal in silence. This should be a happy reunion day, because 20 days ago, the daughter of 21 weeks old Yang left, we have been in an atmosphere of grief. Yibin girl Zhou Yang, in the fight among the relay of love for 4 years, her cancer log, by doctors, patients on the Internet continue to share, for more challenges brought to life by illness. August 25th at 5:15 in the morning, in the case of life has been unable to save, Zhou Yang left the warmth of the world. In accordance with the wishes of Zhou Yang who has all the useful organ donation, her liver, kidneys, heart transplant to the day of the 4 strangers, so that these patients get a chance of rebirth. Two brain tumor resection girl secretly preparing the funeral "if she does not go, can work this year." Recall the daughter of Zhou Yang Zhou Gangjin and a few degrees, choking while talking to a reporter. October 2011, Zhou Yangzheng busy preparing for college entrance examination. One day, she suddenly felt a sense of vision, everything around it becomes blurred, go to the hospital and found that brain tumor. Subsequently, Zhou Yang did a brain tumor surgery in Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital, spent about 100000 yuan savings at home. After the operation, the doctor advised Zhou Yang suspended for several months, nursed back to good health to go to school, but Zhou Yang wanted to use performance return to their parents, after a few days and went back to school. College entrance examination scores down, Zhou Yang to the class second results, admitted to the Chengdu University. Zhou Yang read the third year, the tumor recurrence. Zhou Yang School and students that Zhou Yang’s case, she has to raise a sum of money, plus the parents borrow all around, Zhou Yang conducted second brain tumor resection, back to the university to class, but not long, her exophthalmos, increasingly blurred vision, had once again retired. Think of themselves before and after the two operation has let the house debt, Zhou Yang do not want to add the burden of their parents, resolutely refused treatment, and began to quietly prepare for the funeral". One day, she took advantage of the market came to town, come up with their own at the University obtained a scholarship to hundreds of yuan, home everyone bought a gift. My father had migraine, Zhou Yang to his father bought a velvet bonnet; mother’s shoes have been reluctant to buy new in shreds and patches, and she bought a new pair of shoes; grandma is old, afraid of the cold, she bought Granny a warm underwear…… Zhou Gangjin said, when the gift is found, the whole family tears brim over with tears. "What a sensible child, but to bear such torture." A strong challenge to survive the disease log aroused great repercussions "many times in life, not every flower will knot, but lived, anger pass, welcome Chaoyang, send a sunset, play with the wind and rain, life is abundance slapstick, and I think they have no regrets." Looking at his family so painful, Zhou Yang increasingly strong performance相关的主题文章: