Chengdu to Yibin high-speed direct traffic in 2019 into the south high-speed expansion of 8 lanes (v 9c8814

Chengdu to Yibin direct high-speed traffic in 2019 into the south of high-speed expansion in the 8 Province three high-speed lane change, in addition to the south, Mian high-speed expansion (micro-blog) 8 car – reporter learned recently in Daowai, in 2016 the province’s major transportation infrastructure financial matchmaking, reconstruction in three high speed expansion (New) details for the first time the disclosure, into the south of high-speed, high-speed chengmian congestion situation will be improved, in addition to the new Chengdu to Yibin (micro-blog) to high speed, is expected to be completed in 2019. The 8 Lane high-speed expansion into the south south high-speed expansion period open running route from Chengdu Beltway (micro-blog) a dam hub interchange, mainly along the original road expansion, Suining (micro-blog), Nanchong (micro-blog), ending in Nanchong around the East and South beam highway intersection East View hub interchange, construction mileage a total length of 214.5 km. According to the expansion program, into the south of the original highway expansion 186.5 km. What is exciting is that the original road to the expansion of the road, whether it is 4 lane or lane, after all, will become the 8 Lane in the future, the road will become the 6 lane. Although after the expansion into 8 lanes, but the expansion of each road section of line speed is different, the starting point to the spring snail dam hub interchange 22 km long, the design speed of 120 km; spring interchange to Suining osmanthus hub long 108 kilometers, the design speed of 100 km; osmanthus interchange to Hanjiawan interchange long 56.5 kilometers, the design speed of 80 km. In addition to the road reconstruction, Cheng Nan highway will be built in Nanchong transit the new double line of 28 kilometers, the road design speed of 100 km, two-way 6 lane. The proposed new Pakistan high-speed city 21.5 km, the design speed of 120 km, two-way 6 lane. Between the road from the Chengdu high-speed beltway dam and the snail into the green gold hub, ending at Chengdu highway second. At the same time, expansion and reconstruction project initially identified in the second half of next year to start the construction of the project for a period of about two and a half. Plan is one side of the construction side of the traffic, but in the local time to implement the broken road traffic, basically does not affect road traffic. According to the plan, during the construction period, will not restrict traffic. Mian high-speed setting interchange 21 chengmian highway as North out of one of the main traffic arteries of Sichuan, since the completion of the complicated traffic flow for expansion on the agenda again. According to the disclosure of the news conference, Chen Mian high-speed expansion program, Zhangjiaping interchange – Mianyang South Interchange Section (micro-blog) will expand to 8 lanes, to maintain the original design speed of 80 km; new double track section of Mianyang South Interchange – Luojiang hub interchange, the design speed of 100 km, 8 Lane two-way Luojiang hub interworking; Chengdu highway design speed of 120 km, two-way 8 lane; Mianyang branch of the design speed of 100 km, two-way 6 Lane extension starting point connecting line design speed of 80 km, two-way 4 lane. Mianyang high speed setting interchange 21, without the whole tunnel. Into the appropriate speed is expected to start next year Chengdu to Yibin expressway is the 16 radiation of high speed highway network planning in Sichuan, involving Jianyang (micro-blog), Meishan (micro-blog) in Neijiang County, the city of Weiyuan (micro-blog) (micro-blog) (micro-blog) in Zigong County, Yibin City, Yibin County, Shi Rong?相关的主题文章: