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Chinese the most touching 8 word mathematical formula is confession weapon students love to learn, advertising is very important. Ah Q said: "I want you to sleep", it is a rogue; Xu Zhimo said: "I would wake up with you", this is called wit. The master, Zoran characters, can poubai his elegant in manner, attitude and speech. Science Curve Wrecker, frequent style all their own, mathematical formula law became the confession weapon! The commander specially compiled some "Arts and kill" advertisement skills, teach you up to the Ta. Zhu Shenghao: "I want to see Song Qingru sleeping sweetly." Zhu Shenghao and Song Qingru. Zhu Shenghao’s life only do two things: one is the translation of Shakespeare, two is a love letter to Qingru song. Between the two giants is a poor scholar with daughter cross class love drama, go very hard. Ten years of love, nine years of communication. The beginning of the story ", Zhejiang, Jiaxing Zhijiang gifted scholars and beautiful ladies poetry", the end of the story, two years of marriage, the widow orphan deadly flaw. Zhu Shenghao left more than and 300 love letters, especially the details of moving. "I want to see the rain, watching the ants in the thatched pavilion rockery, see the butterfly love, see spider webs, see water, see the ship, watch the clouds, see the waterfall, see Song Qingru sleeping sweetly." Comment: sleep eating, moving details, watch people. Qian Zhongshu: "I’m not engaged." Qian Zhongshu, Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu’s daughter’s Chinese literary history of the wizards. Mathematics 15 Tsinghua University, the "camera" memory, "Guan" gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory work the profound. The Wizards in love this is met with MS. Yang Jiang be not of the common sort, first, actually opening the first sentence is: "I’m not engaged." All wonders, in "listening to Yang Jiang about the past", Yang Jiang recalled: "after the first thing I started emailing, write more frequently, so that he had a holiday home, I feel a lot of time. Calm down, feel bad, this is fall in love." Comments: first, wins in the momentum. Even if the confession did not succeed, the other party will remember you. Shen Congwen: "I only loved a man who was the best age." Shen Congwen and Zhang Zhaohe. Shen Congwen’s wife Zhang Zhaohe was in China college won the first all woman, intelligent and beautiful temperament, out of the group, there are many suitors. She even joked about them as frog one, number two, number three". At that time, Shen Congwen was both a teacher and a seeker of Zhang Zhaohe. Shen Congwen Harper, not from the inferiority when facing Zhang Zhaohe to express love, can only play their literary skills to write a love letter. "I have traveled a lot of places in my life, I have been to many places, I have seen many clouds, I have drunk many kinds of wine, but I have only loved one who is the best age." Such affectionate letters that conditions are not favorable for Shen Congwen to win Zhang Zhaohe’s talent shows itself. Comments: pen to write affectionate, popular in recent years. Last-gasp goal! "Love is dead" Xu Zhimo: sometimes I really want to pull you to die together." Xu Zhimo and Xu Zhimo is a photo of LiuXiaoMan emotions of the poet can write fresh "ABSP", also can write the shock of "pull you die together". "Amy Xiaozha)相关的主题文章: