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Portugal Coimbra: the ancient city to the world Everfount inspiration – Sohu of Coimbra tourism, the Portuguese in the north of the town, in a mountain in the face of the sea, have been silent for too long. Those old houses, dilapidated ornate gate, exudes a musty books and happy and carefree boys and girls, in the sunshine unlimited fine, sleepy waiting for another sunset. This time we went to Coimbra. The city under the city cathedral of the year, today only belongs to those who are quiet people of faith. Go up to the top of the stairs and go out with your god. Coimbra is a quiet place, perhaps too quiet, Europe has forgotten it in the dust of time. The old city in the city building, broken slightly on the hillside, the residents will be clothes in the window, like medieval knights flags fluttering in the wind. Along a mountain Pavilion behind the main street, can Qujingtongyou came to the city. This 1822, the old road has been on the road to the top of the mountain city, the end point is the best choice of the city telescope, is the safest and most rich land. The European medieval city pattern, the High Castle is the most of the story, but also gave birth to the right and gongdou hotbed. The delicacy Street shop row upon row of simple decoration. Stop and the owner of the sun, about the old Coimbra and Rome, not a day made, there in 400 BC Rome Empire, had become Aeminium (now called Coimbra) local people’s residence, and it was left to the end of the aqueduct can still send water well. To explore this ancient city is not confined to the road, the attention is not the same path full of wit and humour. In accordance with the direction of the road, from the residential area through, and then gradually close to the top of the peak, hovering on the stone road is still visible in the ancient Rome era imprint. There are many ways to interpret the city from different roads. The magnificent old chapel, the first king of Portugal buried the coffin. Santa Cruise in downtown, but there is such a noble life. There is water there will be people and city, Mondego River in Coimbra mountain. The structure of the ancient city has not changed, also rejoice in its history in the relatively stable amidst the winds of change. Each city class seems to be in accordance with the regional level together, here is an exception, not in the city where the monastery, but low-key lurking in the downtown streets. If you can see the sleeve garden in the city, there is no doubt very lucky. The Holy Cross monastery hidden backyard hidden in a group of buildings. This sixteenth Century building is made up of 5 Renaissance style buildings, exquisite and lovely, inspired by the fountain of life. Zibo feelings overlooking the Renaissance style garden seat, Portugal cool breeze blowing, even at noon, not many people. Early monastery of Rome style buildings have all gone. It is said that the original building is only a corridor and a tower, by sixteenth Century, the "sea lion" Manuel I rebuilt the monastery, the church.相关的主题文章: