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A member of the CPPCC National Committee: by Hongkong to promote the advantages of Cultural Industry Structure Upgrading — the mainland Hong Kong and Macao — people.com.cn original title: CPPCC: borrow Hongkong advantage to promote the cultural industry upgrading the structure of the twelve CPPCC Standing Committee of the seventeenth meeting held in Beijing from 29 to 31, focus on promoting the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art "government suggestions. Hongkong members suggested that the use of Hongkong advantage, to promote the optimization and upgrading of the cultural industry in the mainland. In a written statement submitted by the conference materials, Hongkong new Henderson International (Group) Co., Ltd. chairman of the board of directors Gao Jingde suggested to use "The Belt and Road" strategy, Hongkong has played the role of bridge and link, promote the mainland cultural industry "going out". He pointed out that Hongkong is second only to London, New York, the world’s third largest art trading center, the conditions in the mainland art market, accelerate the pace of international trade to promote the mainland art, play a unique role. In addition, but also to take advantage of the financial center of Hongkong, to promote the combination of cultural industries and financial capital, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the cultural industry structure. Hongkong Lixin Group Chairman Lin Jianyue entitled "to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and expand the cultural orientation of cultural consumption" in a speech said that the mainland cultural enterprises can learn from the development of Hongkong cultural industry experience, with the help of Hongkong existing cultural characteristics, use the concept of culture, culture derived products of different forms of cooperation, expand the market, at the same time to learn Hongkong to promote the trend of cultural experience, improve the cultural industry level, further leveraging the Hongkong cultural soft power advantages, both "bringing in" and "going out". He suggested that the central government may support the introduction of the development of Hongkong cultural industry policy, making good use of Hongkong talent advantage, make Hongkong a place in the fierce global competition of cultural industries, cultural and creative enterprises more favorable to the mainland in Hongkong to learn cutting-edge creative creative enterprise management and nutrition, national cultural industry structure upgrading. In addition, Hongkong Huang Qianheng Huang Yinghao law firm partner Huang Yinghao also suggested that come out from the national culture department, the establishment of the national level of "one country two systems" literary creation fund, as the national support projects, encourage mainland and Hongkong artists to "one country, two systems" to fully implement the theme, in-depth and lasting literary creation practice. (reporter Zheng Qiao) (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: