Dalian Airport luggage is not allowed to check the Samsung Note7 innawoods

Dalian Airport: do not allow the baggage checked in Samsung Note7 reporter recently from the Civil Aviation Administration of China informed the official website, in order to ensure the safety of air transport, Civil Aviation Administration issued a safety warning, remind the passengers are not allowed to use Samsung Note7 mobile phone or the charge on the plane, Samsung Note7 will not add checked baggage, do not allow the goods as Samsung Note7 transport. Dalian Airport: luggage is not allowed to check the Samsung Note7, Samsung Note7 mobile phone because of the presence of lithium battery security risks, the civil aviation authority has banned passengers on the plane using Samsung Note7." Dalian airport security checkpoints Zhanfuzhanchang Yang Hui said that although the Samsung official website said, domestic sales of Samsung Note7 mobile phone battery is not within the scope of the recall, but some passengers carrying the Samsung Note7 mobile phone is purchased from abroad. Therefore, the civil aviation authority for the passengers to carry the Samsung Note7 mobile phone, made a series of requirements, including not checked, may not be used on the aircraft or for its charge, not as cargo transportation. It is understood that the Dalian airport security if passengers carrying Samsung Note7 mobile phone, to inform the passenger safety, in addition, if it is found that the Samsung Note7 mobile phone in the passenger baggage, passengers will require mobile phone out. Airline cabin especially for Samsung Note7 indicated yesterday, the reporter inquiries found that domestic airlines have issued a notice on the prohibition of passengers to use Samsung Note7 mobile phone on the plane on the front page of the website, the notice, in order to avoid security risks that may arise in the process of air transport, and earnestly safeguard the flight operation and passengers (the owner) the safety of person and property, according to the latest Chinese civil aviation safety warning, "civil aviation transport of dangerous goods regulations", the International Civil Aviation Organization "air transport of dangerous goods safety technical regulations" ban on the transport identified by the manufacturer in terms of security flaws in the lithium battery, and member of the Department of Air China Air China Ltd. Samsung GALAXY Note7 mobile phone to restrict the transport from now on. Dalian branch of China Southern Airlines, said it has been conveyed in the cabin and the strict implementation of the provisions of the Department, while adding a reminder in the cabin broadcast words broadcast words, to remind passengers to fly. According to media reports, Samsung Note7 in August after the release of just over 1 months, occurred on a global scale caused by 35 battery defects caused by the explosion and fire accident. "Two" tickets sold out "eleven" tension is part of the route is the second addition to the Spring Festival Golden week outside of the year, Dalian will usher in the peak of airport passengers out of Hong kong. Is expected during the national day peak, the airport will be transported about 50 thousand passengers per day. Guo Wei, deputy director of the Ministry of passenger service, told reporters that from 29 to start, the increase in passenger travel, is expected to "eleven" holiday peak period, the airport daily delivery of about 50 thousand people. In order to allow passengers to travel smoothly, eleven during the holiday, Dalian airport launched a series of intimate service. For example, "with the national flag to travel" theme activities, visitors can write free at the check-in counter相关的主题文章: