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"Girlfriend" is too hard, I went to Thailand to find a GAY when the "affair" – [lead] tourism Sohu this may be the most Chinese "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! "Past tense" 4 – [6, "girlfriend" is too hard, I went to Thailand to find a GAY when the affair] four in the afternoon, the sun is not so bad, I suggested to Mario to go out for a walk, he said back to the room to change clothes. We got up, a group of tourists Chinese suitcase small twitter came in, there are two Chinese girls in bikinis from upstairs down, ready to go to the swimming pool. "The last thing I like about this hotel is that there are too many people in china!" Mario whispered with disgust, Chinese always disliked Chinese. A trip to Mario really trouble, to take a shower, and then carefully wash my face, then in the face of a layer on the cover of many skin care products, and then put some set of collocation good clothes out on the bed, see a suit wearing today — he looks very rough, heart it is always a detailed GAY. I sat patiently waited on the balcony, with pauses to chat with Mario, the eye has been through the dense branches, stealing two China girl, pointing the pool of thought, that back to me, I was really beautiful ah! Finally out of the door, we aimlessly in the ancient city of blind, I asked Mario where to go to dinner, he said I do not know, I said that you do not eat these two days? What is a good recommendation? He said he was too lazy to go out for food. I didn’t quite understand the way of traveling, living in a nondescript standard hotel room, and I didn’t want to go…… Spend so much money, in fact, where are the same. What is fun? I decided to put Mario, from his leisurely quiet to Simon I lived in the bustling eastern gate to his self enclosed "aristocracy" tourism exchange a channel, to experience the local reality, look less flashy without substance. I think Mario will like love, accustomed to a big miss stiff life occasionally with a hobo to run a run as boundless as the sea and sky, not only does not exclude, or even think that life was very interesting! "Are you off duty?" On the way, I made a phone call to lulu. "Come on, what are you going to do?" Ask lulu. "Go for dinner." I say. "A man? This time did not find the sofa?" "No, it’s too cheap to stay in Thailand. I’m too lazy to find the sofa." I sell off a child, "but I’m not a person." "Who else is there?" Ask lulu. "There is a" affair "." I was joking. Aventure object?" Lulu is very interested in, "so soon.相关的主题文章: