Good talk to change the fate is very simple – Sohu reading 3u8547

"Talk" to change the fate of reading is very simple – Sohu   remarks to a warm three winter, abusable cold in June. This saying is that we should have a good talk, because that bad lethality is very strong; if appropriate, can also be a warm heart dan. So, it is to the satisfaction of all how we speak? After mid September, a good book to teach people to speak well, will appear in public view. The book by learning from the master, Beijing Purple Book Co., Ltd., Guangdong people’s publishing house, in late September the national market. Master Xuecheng as president of the Buddhist Association of Longquan, Beijing China temple abbot. Master Xuecheng in the book, and we still share the teachings of the Buddha speak, will help you speak of the road in the use of daily life and work.     one of the characteristics of this book is a list of "long", but also because of but a super practical handbook "trouble showdown". Open the book, look carefully, their corresponding troubles will be hit, calm down, to see how the interpretation of the master, and thus magically solve the trouble. This book is divided into, in two parts, each of the three chapter. The first section is "say, Ji Fu Bao"; the second part is "everyone has a hard to read"; the second part is the "one hundred thousand why life". The first chapter is entitled "speaking of" Buddha, "the text titles include you say life is your fortune, the axe in the mouth," master, you like recently long?" A winged bird is not fly, will listen to say, much more important than the "inner bitterness, will laugh at other people’s shortcomings," said Le guanzhuziji desire "and" straight to the heart, the mouth can not fast".相关的主题文章: