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"Grandpa Christina 38" Shanghai professor Michelle Chen Tong Dawei exposed the parenting – Entertainment Sohu "Grandpa Christina 38" Shanghai Sohu entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling photo) in November 8th, the movie "Grandpa Christina 38" held a press conference in Shanghai, the film star anchor Tong Dawei with his "broker" Pan Binlong appeared in publicity, sharing when shooting the story. During the interview, Tong Dawei praised the film "daughter" Michelle Chen, said its meet is called his father, let him quickly into play. Tong Dawei also broke the news, in private will be taught to Michelle Chen with baby experience. For the night movie "Grandpa Christina 38" in between Grandpa set, Tong Dawei think this is a bolt from the blue to any person, but behind it is in a less mature man in the family, as well as the harvest growth becomes heart warming story. Multiple identities in the film also inspired Tong Dawei to cross the enthusiasm, not only participated in "the reference" If You Are The One emotional experience, let the film anchor image is more plentiful, and cross-border music, for the film dedicated to creating a single "Linda", said Mrs. Tong Dawei is confident that he sings very well, also in 2007 the album, then busy career, singing also shelved. Tong Dawei Shanghai propaganda in the sharing of unique health tips when Tong Dawei gives relief, extremely simple advice: eat well, sleep well and exercise more. When it comes to "eat", recently in the micro-blog business, frequently drying delicacy "Tong large canteen" Tong Dawei had a surge of interest in respect to share their delicacy are affordable, such as Lanzhou beef noodles, hoping to enhance the happiness index; Tong Dawei admitted he had from the chowhound upgrade for the chef, recently learned South braised the meat, fish, Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs is best dish, cooking is to obtain the affirmation of the family, he said the daughter of love. "I do what she likes to eat, I do five or six times a year, the basic will be cd." When it comes to love the southern delicacy, Tong Dawei said his preference, fried dumplings and Braised pork in brown sauce. The mention of "dumplings", Tong Dawei. Read the film "daughter" of Michelle Chen Michelle Chen, the acting and the professional spirit of praise: "she is particularly serious, we are not in the script, the first time, she saw me called" Baba (father) ", was established between us relationship, help me quickly into the drama, it is input." As for going to teach Michelle Chen parenting, Tong Dawei smiled and said: "you need to have some private, technology, experience, I will share some."   相关的主题文章: