Guo Jingming swore to deny love Wang Duo sudden death – or the whole family entertainment Sohu wh60a

Guo Jingming swore to deny love Wang Duo: sudden death – the Sohu or the whole family entertainment Guo Jingming swore to deny empathy Wang Duo     Sohu entertainment news recently, a gossip blogger Guo Jingming and Chen Xuedong issued a document called the suspected break, Yiqingbielian company signed artists Wang Duo, Guo Jingming Wang Duo company registered address is the same a midnight movie, see also! Chen Xuedong micro-blog and Zheng Shuang although it is "summer solstice". But very meaningful, pun, Guo Jingmingpeng new, and Chen Xuedong fell out of favour?" In this regard, Guo Jingming not only forwarded the news micro-blog strongly denied, Wang Duo is the company’s signing artists, personal studio registered in the company, to facilitate the handling of his personal income and tax. We have four friends in the movie." Also swear "I personally what if more than ordinary friends and work outside the slightest relationship and Wang Duo, my family died, was killed by a car to go out." To see such a fierce reaction to Guo Jingming, users have a message "you are in that their favorite Dongdong?" This "small temper, you should not be so straightforward!"   Wang Duo "grand track" poster in 2012, Wang Duo for taking part in the music talent show "the perfect sound" concern; in August 2015 the magic comedy movie "journey to the west" in June 8, 2016, the demon V; in Guo Jingming’s TV series "is the city of love! Mr. Shang "; in July 24th, Guo Jingming’s novel costume fantasy drama" city of fantasy "; in September 30th, Guo Jingming novel of the same name live CG fantasy film" grand track ". [Guo Jingming Chen Xuedong] Reading tour in Hongkong and Chen Xuedong and friends: dog food ins screenshot in August 4th, Chen Xuedong and Guo Jingming drying out the photos on the ins tour in Hongkong. Two people in the photo shop in luxury clothing, Chen Xuedong hat masks armed. In the backdrop of Chen Xuedong, Guo Jingming is "small", wearing a black sweater hands than V sell adorable, facial micro?. Chen Xuedong joked: "shopping encounter a child, I went out a dressing room, ha ha ha." The dog came be caught off guard. Users know it all: "like a cold food?? "I don’t know how to write these two words," I said". Chen Xuedong Guo Jingming’s "confession" and will defend you: Chen Xuedong Guo Jingming’s birthday will defend you, issued a document: since you support Chen Xuedong debut Guo Jingming has obtained many love and care in June 6th, Chen Xuedong drying out nine different occasions with a photo of Guo Jingming, for their birthday, "said support you, protect you". He began posting said: "we, the fate of the countless began a strange combination of circumstances… Although the enemy but thousands and thousands of words, but as long as you believe, I must insist on here to support you, protect you… I suggest you appreciate in my life for my advice, never abandon… You… Is the person I should be most grateful for… Then the eggs, paid to a point not less… Fourth Happy birthday…"  相关的主题文章: