Haikou Shishan town held agricultural internet promotion, people.com.cn volcano, Hainan window, peop running man20130526

Haikou Shishan town held agricultural internet promotion, people.com.cn volcano, Hainan window — people.com.cn people.com.cn Hainan windows September 30 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Ji Yu) September 30th, for display in Haikou karst agricultural town in Internet stage, accelerating the construction of stone town, beautiful countryside, and ultimately increase the income of farmers, promoting the rural economy the development of the Internet, Shishan town agriculture held my home, promotion in the depths of the volcano, volcano ". The event organized by the Hainan Provincial Department of agriculture, Xiuying District, Haikou City People’s government, Hainan province agriculture department chief agronomist Huang Zhengen, Xiuying District Party committee secretary Zhang Ji, the Provincial Department of Agriculture Information Center Director Lin Chun, Xiuying District Committee, Shishan town committee secretary Hu Yuheng Chen Yuan, Shishan town mayor Jia attended the event, and together with artists and visitors and, "American society is a volcano, the real" zero distance contact, through experience and feelings, unique charm of the volcano. Hainan provincial agriculture department chief agronomist Huang Zhengen of mountain agricultural Internet town "Internet plus" affirmed the effectiveness, and stressed the need to develop local characteristics of agricultural products, give full play to the Internet, finance, agriculture, tourism, accommodation and other resources, to promote product sales of agricultural products to guide Shi Shannong, scale, standardization, brand business, promote agricultural efficiency, accelerate helping farmers to get rich. Xiuying District Party committee secretary Zhang Ji said in an interview, "the agency has a real" hostel opened to the public at the National Day travel more than a perfect choice. Shishan boutique bed and breakfast into the culture, highlighting the characteristics of karst, effectively enhance the sense of tourist experience. Visitors taste local cat tea, fruit, to enjoy the unique Hainan opera, rural vacation experience. In such a rapid development of the Internet cannot do without mountain farming town operation driven, in such a Internet plus opportunity, effectively promote the local farmers’ income, agricultural efficiency and rural development. Xiuying District Committee, Shishan town committee secretary Hu Yuheng said in his speech, the United States Agency has a real pension project is the government and the provincial agriculture department Xiuying District jointly build the first Internet support mountain hostel. In recent years, Xiuying District, firmly establish the "development of the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing", adhere to the "point, line and plane" for the development of principles, focus on the development of modern agriculture, increasing farmers’ income and building a new socialist countryside three tasks, promoting the integration of agriculture and tourism, education, culture and health the pension industry depth, vigorously improve the level of development of leisure agriculture, leisure agriculture industry will focus on training to become a new pillar industry, the prosperity of the rural rich farmers, provide could see the mountains, see the water, remember nostalgia of high quality leisure tourism experience for urban and rural residents. Shishan town is located in the core area of Haikou City Xiuying District volcano zone, as the back garden of Haikou Stone Town, the volcano has richly endowed by nature resources and the ecological environment is well preserved, is the highlight of the new Northern tourism circle. The Volcano National Geological Park as the center, relying on good ecological conditions and leisure tourism agriculture resources, Shishan Internet agricultural town forming characteristics of creative tourism line. Volcano, forest, cave is a great natural scenery; fields, orchards, rural landscape reservoir is superior; stone, agriculture)相关的主题文章: