Hangzhou man in the middle of the door to grab a moment to grab the phone grab vivo feel too cheap a mmhouse

Hangzhou Metro man too cheap at the closing moment to grab grab vivo and grab the apple mobile phone that previously reported: Hangzhou subway door 2 woman play mobile phone open the door quickly after the robbery suspects robbed the subway fled when a lot of people in the subway, bus, playing mobile phone. However, the day before yesterday, the two cases occurred in the Hangzhou subway, but to bow family alarm call – the suspect took advantage of the train station to close the door, took the passenger’s cell phone. When passengers react, the train doors have been closed, only watched the other way "". However, the suspect’s action is no longer fast, but also escaped the Hangzhou subway monitoring probe! Through the video trajectory analysis, the police arrested him on the same day! One day the police received two alarm is in the subway mobile phone robbed the police comrades, my mobile phone was robbed in the subway!" In October 30th, the Hangzhou subway station police received a victim xu. Robbed on the subway in Hangzhou? What a thief so audacious in the extreme?! According to Xiao Xu said, more than 12 points on the day at noon, she and her friends after dinner, then take the Metro Line 1, from the West Lake cultural plaza to xiasha. At that time, more people in the subway, there is no seat, she has been leaning against the door to play with the phone. The local iron into zhalongkou station, on and off, at the moment the door closed, Xiao Xu suddenly felt a hand empty, a figure flashed past, and return to God, she found a man standing at his side, grab the door closed before running down the subway. And I recently bought the new vivo mobile phone in his hand. However, the subway has door closed, Xu only watched the other "off", the heart is really vexation. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately take control, found the whole process of robbery, camera clearly. Monitoring shows that at 12:21, zhalongkou subway station, passengers are closed on line 1, there is a man out of the room, running away. Then, by tracking, the police through the subway exit monitoring, in turn iron station, found the man’s sight, and obtained its clear physical characteristics. "His character is well identified, about seven meters tall, wearing a dark t-shirt, forehead clip sunglasses." Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau police command center, said Lin Rui, the day the weather is pretty cold, so the dress is quite special, very good recognition. In the police to find the suspect in the process, the subway police received a warning. The two case is a person to the police arrested the suspect in the incident the day Longxiang bridge subway station, a twenty something girls robbed mobile phone. And Xiao Xu’s encounter is exactly the same, in the moment of the metro station is closed, the hands of the apple 6S was robbed, suspect away. Unlike the small Xu, when girls responded more quickly, while the door is not closed, also ran out of the car, originally wanted to catch up, but my friend’s bag to live, then find a delay, couldn’t see the man." The girl said. Occurred within two days of a robbery case, the police attach great importance to the subway!相关的主题文章: