Hefei man watching the news online to help neighbors find stray family yo te amo

Hefei man read the news on the Internet to help a neighbor found wandering family Feidong man ran away from home for 4 years to contact with the family; in 4 years, the parents of the family posted notices everywhere looking for fruit, after careful neighbors found clues, one family finally reunited. Mr. Chen Feidong people read the news online, inadvertently found a Hefei City Rescue Station issued notice, notice on the man’s photo deja vu. "Look at the pictures, like we’ve been lost for years." Mr. Chen said that the neighbors left home a few years ago, the past few years the family has not given up looking for. The day after he returned home, and the family of the man made contact, the family saw the photos, although men’s hair grows very long, appearance also changed, the family was soon confirmed that it is their lost son Moumou for several years. After that, he Moumou parents came home from Feidong, Hefei rescue management station. After understanding, four years ago he ran away from home and no longer. His brother and brother have been looking for him in Hefei. "My brother has been in the original set along the street, we went to a lot of time did not find him." On the afternoon of October 27th, he and his brother and his brother went to the rescue station to take home. According to the registration information of Hefei city rescue station, police found the post is set hemeimei. But hemeimei only remember that he is fat east, specifically Feidong where he said remember. Taking into account the actual situation, the police will be sent to the rescue station. According to the rescue station hemeimei to provide information search notices to the online push on Feidong area, did not expect to just be hemeimei neighbor to see, provides an important clue. The family to pick up, so eyes are moist, the mood is more excited." Asked why he ran away from home, why do not want to go home for a few years, he was so reluctant to mention. He went out to work, and then came back after a bad mood." His brother’s brother, who had left home once, then the family found, did not expect to leave home again in 2012, and then no longer contact with the family. Over the years he has been working in Hefei, there is time to look for information about his brother. The brother came back safely, the family reunion will arrange for his brother to the hospital for treatment.相关的主题文章: