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How to change the admissions system, how to promote? What the experts say – Sohu education in recent years, more and more parents dissatisfaction in the school education and examination system, reducing the burden of students is difficult to implement, and all kinds of training classes is unusually hot. In this context, the Ministry of Education announced the reform of the rules and details of the details of the reform of the examination, opened the curtain test reform. Among them, the comprehensive quality evaluation into the exam admission is an important part of the reform of the examination. Policies need to be implemented. What measures to overcome the "only fractional theory"? How to promote the quality education in the air plant for each school? The introduction of comprehensive quality evaluation of students will make rural students suffer? Comprehensive quality evaluation of students, how to play a role in the entrance examination…… These are to promote the implementation of the admissions system reform can not be avoided. How to change the admissions system, how to promote? Let us listen to experts say. Comic Zhu Huiqing basic education of the Ministry of Education Secretary Zheng Fuzhi: two? Change will be part of the sum of subject scores as admission only according to the practice of introducing the student comprehensive quality evaluation, must be taken into account in rural China students’ problems. If the use of comprehensive quality evaluation of students to make the final loss of rural children, then our reform is a failure. In fact, the city’s student social practice can go to science and Technology Museum, museum, rural students can according to their own characteristics, to participate in the production of labor, close to nature. Occasions, places, methods and content is not important, do not do the most important. We want to let the children out of the classroom, do not die reading, to achieve the purpose of educating people can be. "To continue to encourage students to develop interests, to further improve the independent recruitment policy, independent recruitment quota given a certain number of school conditions, enrolled with academic expertise and innovation potential students." Zheng Fuzhi believes that this reform is to change the current high school enrollment will be part of the discipline as a result of the simple addition of the sole basis for the practice, to overcome the only score theory." Yang Dongping Dean of the Institute of education in twenty-first Century:? Establish transparent and open society, and parents can participate in the supervision system of both senior high school entrance examination or college entrance examination reform, improve students’ comprehensive quality evaluation is really difficult, a problem is easier said than done. The entrance examination and Gregory, comprehensive quality evaluation of "fidelity" and "available" has become a contradiction. Some of the local exploration shows that when it is not linked to the school is authentic; once the hook is easy to distort and can not be used. To perfect this system, mainly rely on local exploration and practice. Beijing City senior high school entrance examination reform, comprehensive quality evaluation includes 6 aspects of Ideological and moral, academic level, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment, social practice and personality development, management, record and evaluation based on comprehensive evaluation of students quality management service platform, to encourage the students themselves, students, teachers and the parents, such as multi subject resource units evaluation. Obviously, it is not only a kind of evaluation technique and management, but also an important system construction!相关的主题文章: