How to respond to Trump’s social media account invictus gaming

Trump was elected as the art circle of social media accounts of how to respond to Lubensi, "Atta Lan Tur and Meleager" (Atalanta & Meleager, 1613), local. Image: Courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art the. Trump (Donald Trump) dramatically defeated the Democratic candidate Hilary, not only overthrew all predicted in advance, also let us down in an uproar. Unsurprisingly, the support of the democratic camp in the art circles in particular felt very frustrated. The following is the publication of the results of the election, artists and artists of the important figures in the social media content. Art critic Jerry Saltz did not see the election results. German artist Wolfgang Tillmans (Wolfgang Tillmans) in Instagram posted a photo of the statue of liberty in the cry of photos; Vic Mnitz (Vik Muniz), who has been from his native Brazil and Brook engaged in the creation of the artist, in Instagram released a free black side of the picture, reflect Hilary’s supporters feel in desperation and helplessness after the defeat. American artist Daniel Asham (Daniel Arsham) on Instagram quoted Kennedy’s 1963 declaration of human rights: "the core of the problem is, whether all Americans have equal rights and equal opportunities, we would like to treat their own people like. We seek the freedom of the world, we are serious. "Artist Laurie (Laurie Simmons) posts on Instagram. Because the statistics before the election so that experts have made Hilary’s chances of winning the forecast of up to 70%, so people can not accept this result. Trump has a variety of inappropriate remarks in the election process, October came the candidate claimed to be able to use any fame to harass women video, which makes most people think his campaign ended early. Carle Handel, "unfinished" (Unfinished Obama [mirrored], 2016). Photo: Courtesy of Gallery, Berlin, Wentrup. For some, the election results seem to represent the end of an era. Berlin Wentrup Gallery sent to artnet a message attached to Carle Handel (Karl Haendel) of the "unfinished" Obama this piece of melancholy, "unfinished work" is a description of the outgoing president, according to the gallery introduction, this piece of work "can be made from the president’s goals and he has not yet completed the task in terms of the interpretation." Mae smell相关的主题文章: