Huang Xiaoming turned Qingdao aunt Crazy black – in the new network ca1806

Huang Xiaoming turned Qingdao aunt "Crazy" black "- Beijing" tonight is paramount, Saturday’s ecstasy!" Oriental TV scene comedy variety show "Paramount" tonight is about to launch in late September 17th, this program will also be "comedy" as the main selling point, jointly hosted by Venus and Wong Cho Lam, with the scene comedy form for the audience to bring a different variety of experience. The first phase of the program, "leader" Huang Xiaoming appeared to help out, turned into a series of "Qingdao" aunt "waiter who" hurricane acting, but also in the field of re interpretation of "the Divine Comedy" "make too set", a road from black in the end. Since the debut of Huang Xiaoming, because the handsome image has been an audience favorite, the filming of the TV drama role from cold overbearing president to the charming town, about a word — handsome. But in fact, Huang Xiaoming’s comedy talent is not weak, this time in "tonight" paramount, Huang Xiaoming opened a "crazy black" model, with the audience to see a different Huang Xiaoming. In the show, Huang Xiaoming is wearing a head hair wearing a silk gown, aunt, turned into a mouth of Qingdao dialect "Qingdao aunt", while another amateur actors in front of him playing "Huang Xiaoming". So in the case of mistaken identity funny, "aunt Huang Xiaoming turned" began Tucao before "clearly" the height, acting and English level, one would say "Xiaoming you wear insoles?" For a moment and said, "you are more than to my acting teacher, thank English teacher", and finally even by Bel Canto and "clearly" together with the re interpretation of a "tune" version of "set" is too noisy, happiness within. (Lu Yue)相关的主题文章: