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Hunan, an associate professor of art fan repair notice quickly popular network in November 4th, the students in the crowd to become a teacher Xiaoping re notice. Take a shot at Ni Xuan, nothing can stop your desire for painting. Let us pay tribute to the restoration of the past will never, never see." Recently, Central South University of Forestry and Technology foreign college notice column, a brush writing the "revised notice" by onlookers photographed and forwarding, quickly became popular network. See the notice to go to lectures in November 4th, reporters on the scene saw a pale yellow paper, handsome and small well-proportioned arranged: "dear classmates: Although you and I are reluctant to once again in the studio, tenth week, 123 weeks in the afternoon I still waiting for you. If you come from the stars once again fled the Jedi, the sun, of course, as usual, just graduated out of reach……" This notice speaks truth in two words or three rebuilt, the name of TV drama, lyrics have no sense of violation and string, and humor, teachers for students’ affection on. Many students look after the sigh: this teacher is very good! His class should be very interesting. I really want to listen to his class." This "notice" is the "notice" the full range of literary "notice" from the Department of foreign forestry institute associate professor Cheng Xiaoping teacher hand. In 2006 he entered the school to teach, has been professor of Design Majors "sketch" "color" and "sketch" course. Weekdays, Xiaoping became interested in painting, calligraphy, singing. He is not only a member of provincial Calligraphy Association, Provincial Artists Association, a few years ago are still college faculty in the singing contest to win the title. "Mentioned in this notice in the movie and TV series are all I’ve seen before, plus the usual love to sing, so handy, less than half an hour." "Strictly speaking, this is not an official notice, but a teacher to restore a friendly reminder of the students." The dean’s office director Yu Bo introduced, had been in the educational network, school bulletin board notice announced the official notice. According to the arrangement, rebuilt more than 20 people arrange courses, start time and place by the college, 20 people following the "rebuild counseling", by teachers and students arrange direct contact. Therefore, in charge of "counseling rebuilt" teacher, usually in addition to prepare a notice posted to the bulletin board, so that students learn start time, location and other details. Xiaoping issued a notice of literature and art teacher, belong to this category. "You come or not come, I am here to Xiaoping that the printed notice is more common, especially pay attention to the creative art and design, he hopes to lead the students through practice. According to statistics, the college has more than 500 students had to learn to be responsible for the reconstruction of the Xiaoping of the three courses, the need to rebuild only 18 people. The more than and 10 children may be because the study is not enough or not enough to adhere to, as a teacher, I can not deny students on the whole. I spend my time writing this notice to encourage them." Cheng Xiaoping said. "He Ping相关的主题文章: