Hurun released forest city; China richest man worth 215 billion — real estate —

Hu Run’s list of forest city released   China richest man worth 215 billion — real estate — original title: Hu Run rich list released China richest forest city worth 215 billion (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) In October 13th 2016, garden city forest? Hurun Report published in the forest city, the Wang Jianlin family third won the Chinese richest wealth reached 215 billion yuan. Yao Zhenhua into this year’s big dark horse, the largest increase in wealth, turned 9 times to $115 billion, an increase of more than 200 last year to more than fourth. The results to be published for the first time, the "sea" China private enterprises overseas investment is the largest project of forest garden city. Forest city is favored by the world’s high net worth population, buyers from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Hu Run chairman and chief researcher Hu Run, Biguiyuan group executive director Su Baiyuan, Biguiyuan group vice president and spokesman Zhu Jianmin attended the conference. 2016 forest garden city? Hurun released 68 "after 80" list Hurun founded by Luxemburg was born in Europe the United Kingdom registered accountants different in 1999, is the first Chinese wealth ranking, and is now the financial China list a list of the largest. This year there are 2056 entrepreneurs wealth reached $2 billion and above, an increase of 179 over last year. 52 year old ma and his family wealth increased by $41% to $205 billion, to maintain the second. 45 year old Ma Huateng although has donated $13 billion 900 million, but the wealth is still up by 38% to $165 billion, an increase of 1 to $third. 46 year old Yao Zhenhua is the big dark horse this year, the largest increase in wealth, turned up to $9 to $115 billion, an increase of more than 200 over last year to. 68 80 entrepreneurs list, an increase of 12 over last year. The 21 is the start empty-handed, 5 more than last year, basically in the IT industry. Rich list, focus on the "rich", what is the real "rich"? Yang Guoqiang, chairman of the board of directors of the National Park Group and vice president of the practice of "good for the people, good for the community," the entrepreneurial spirit, advocated the creation of social wealth and then have a wealth of personal wealth view of the." Zhu Jianmin said in his speech. 2016 forest garden city? Hurun Top10 Hurun Report for the first time to the sea with the overseas investment enterprise China wave after another, this is the Hurun Report for the first time in 18 years in the conference held overseas jiebang. For overseas release, Hoogewerf said: "on the one hand I contacted many entrepreneurs in going out, in the list of entrepreneurs is very obvious, to spread out the risk, I think it is a big trend. Country garden city is the largest overseas developers do a project, but also give us a sense of freshness, gave me a deep impression." According to the Hu Run Research Institute released in April 27th China ()相关的主题文章: