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If the situation does not enter the brothel spy film what is left? The Sina entertainment television circle magazine column boiled with the state of the red film and television drama to advocate for and support, many red drama, especially the stampede in spy drama. "Sparrow", "rouge", "double" occupy many mainstream TV prime time. At the same time, a lot of controversy ensued. In the fall of 2015, starring Hu Ge, the "camouflage" in Hunan TV released after the rapid burst of red, ratings all the way up. In September 28, 2015, "the great pretender" ending premiere ratings even more than 3%, last year became the Hunan satellite TV after "second" flower and bone oratorio. Many people are under the ratings myth, the capital and attention to the spy drama. But in the fall of 2016, when the "sparrow", "rouge", "double" in the September strong release, adding a lot of little meat but let the audience have a feeling of idol drama. On the other hand, many of the audience for the film underground party members of the Communist Party members’ behavior has been questioned. Many of the Communist Party of China underground Party style of life and values have a lot of problems. What is more, promiscuous in sex relations in love, and many spy works in the party could not resist coercion, the party’s secrets emerge in its totality…… Accordingly, the public are calling on the relevant state departments to carry out certain control. The online news and even consider banning "the radio spy personnel linger brothels" message. Although this news is not solid, but the Spy Drama, even the red series are serious problems is an indisputable fact. Spy? Idol? Wang Ziwen, Dongyu Zhou, and so on, are not clear about it, such as Li Yifeng…… When one of the 80 or even 90 little meat have starred in Spy Drama, however, when they played the impression that we face death, torture still stick to their beliefs of the revolutionary fighters, leaving the audience is a face Meng X. All of this is not only because these actors paralysis performance, but also because of the poor people and is not suitable for the plot. Cultural critic Han Haoyue has carried on the analysis to this phenomenon, and that this situation is not only to blame the little meat, "the fundamental problem is that the director, the young actor how to appear role lies in how to use and training director. A good script and the director, as a small meat can well serve the story. If the young actor can bring the audience, and the high quality of play and can conquer the audience, is this not a win-win?" For the status of China television drama production, Han Hao month also raised their concerns, "now a lot of Spy Drama just as young actor ratings under the guise of actors not in-depth role performance exaggeration, this will make the quality problems of spy war drama." Regardless of the media, or the audience will love red drama in Spy Drama as the representative of the main melody attributed to give the framework, but in the industry view, the capital strength may be the problem. The critic commented: "I was using the star of film and television drama without any problems, but also non)相关的主题文章: