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"If the snail has love" diversity plot: general and brother wanted to escape – Fujian channel loo – people.com.cn "if love" stills "snail snail carrying" arouse the girl heart, gave birth to a new case for supporting online, suspense drama acting titles Swiss ingenuity and so the details, "if love" snail has wide acclaim the picture, beautiful and elegant color composition, even praised for films like texture. Tencent focused on video VIP one step ahead of the fourth season, white is given three months assessment period, and developed a full range of physical training for Xu Xu, tied sandbags running, wrestling, shooting turns into battle. Also staged a long-awaited fans snail carry, the white will be sitting on the floor of the Xu Xuyi to arouse the hearts of countless young girls. Xu Xu abused miserable, and send out the hormone bahls Almighty breath has angered fans said: "your team season to abuse me! I want to abuse!" "if there is love and love of snail" parallel, the first case of blade case finally cracked, but the next five or six, Interpol the team began to busy. The deaf girl murder case, bahls childhood sweetheart gelsenkirchen…… The new cases are also from a group involved, several seemingly unrelated cases exactly what hidden secrets? Captain bahls face changes to try several ways of relaxation, for many younger sister was sent to welfare. Xu Xu did what adorable apprentice, let bahls begin to change? What is the relationship between the two to ease? (Lin Dongxiao, Ninth: the commissioning editor Zhang Zijian) – what is behind the murder that leaves pretty novelty, let a daughter pick up the knife? Orange light over the living room, leaf and leaf Qiao Zi Xi she. "You leave, Yong." Leaves pretty straight back. "I can’t do this." Ye Zi Xi bowed his head, gently but firmly. A first cousin and cousin mistress man for drama. Ye Qiao sneer, she looked at the leaf Xi Zi villa, everywhere is her man’s breath. Ye Qiao’s eyes began to cool. From small to large, leaves are living in Xi Zi Qiao leaf under the halo of shadow. She robbed his father’s favourite, rob scores first, sister’s husband, rob, rob bahls around childhood sweetheart position in the school time. Pretty leaves raised his dagger at night in the leaves of Zi Xi, looked at her from the mercy, to struggle, from the call for help, to breathe. Ye Qiao put her nails on the ground like this leaf specimens, Zi Xi, is really very ugly, so, should let those who love her, love her, look at her, this pair of ugly. Then, she took the leaf Zi Xi mobile phone, respectively to Zhang Shiyong and Ji hair sms. In the interrogation room, such as white eyes look at the sword Ji Qiao leaves, he frowned, gradually, red eyes. White out of the interrogation room, lit a cigarette. Smoke is the best healing artifact. Xu Xu to sit beside him, steps, like a kitten. She wanted to divert bahls knot, as experts in psychology, she should not guess now bahls mind. But as Xu Xu’s intuition, he is very sad, very painful. Although the statement from the leaf and leaf Qiao Qiao car to extract the blood, but Yao Meng)相关的主题文章: