In today’s world of mystery notes boot The case is entirely cleared. (video) restorator

"Notes" in the mysterious world today on entertainment news in September 28th by the Tencent The case is entirely cleared., dragon pictures, reading, movies, Wang Yiyun first moon Fenghua jointly developed by popular IP network drama "magic notes" in the five Yichang Autonomous County peak boot ceremony was held, the show’s producer, Shi Ke Wang Dayong, producer Ding Weimin, director Li Kai the original author, screenwriter, carmine Chaytor, starring Calvin Chen, Lan Yan Yu Qingbin and Fahrenheit members attended the opening ceremony. The suspense adventure heat adaptation of IP, plans to play in the truth "in the first quarter of the 12 set of notes" shoot, tells teahouse small boss does not smell due to Qi Gu events and grandpa Tangke together in a disciple for longevity Gu contest, after a treatment solution to hardships and dangers. In the remote mountains of Xiangxi Gu, because of "witchcraft" two words, the parties forces intertwined, appear Kawana, more drama wins the "return Gu" in the fierce struggle, and the longevity of the road, will also be adapted for it. "In IP" in network adaptation, the first quarter net drama contents, become the biggest difficulty of adaptation. "We want to first quarter network play the most important feature extraction, and adapt to the rhythm of the network drama show to the audience", the creative team with the greatest enthusiasm, let the world "in" presenting visual spectacle in strange image, the interpretation of "solution" theme but Gu solution of demons. In "notes" and strive to do a valuable business and has strong plot enlightenment reflection, the social significance of the play, the team everyone has the society unique perspective on love, affection, and psychology, human nature revealed and humanistic care. At the same time, as a network drama is now very popular and popular, and the audience wide spread of a film and television drama form, but also need to take into account some of the social responsibility. Double male partner "CP" in the sugar now "male opponents play" popularity, has greatly exceeded the ordinary men and women "scenes". In recent years the screen particularly keen two men and the main characters, "Mr. Honglei Sun and Zhang Yixing in the" good "red Hing CP" Avatar "female apprentice carry the banner of viewing," two Princess medical men were Wallace Huo and Huang Xuan as the male, two or more color value, acting all online. Mutual whirlwind acting, and ambiguous small pink, has also become the audience willing to see the "perfect" CP trend. "Notes" in the character set, Calvin Chen as the "Tang" and Yu Qingbin’s "Qi" is not so perfect it never abandon CP, dubbed many sisters "in CP". I don’t smell good Qi quiet introverted, gentle and polite, a lot of reading as in the master’s grandson, but the "witchcraft" without understanding, even inner resistance, until they have been involved in this case because of witchcraft and the drug seeking adventure; and Qi does not smell, no smell of Qi grandpa’s disciple Tang g although not much reading, but insight into the vicissitudes of life, good at, proficient in the traditional code of conduct, not only handsome and humorous, lead a fast, high strength, moment support in Qi does not smell in the side of "drug seeking trip" in time, the key moment solution as pressing danger, completely "boyfriend MAX". Yu Qingbin with a kind of Hou Pu Yi to practical glasses.相关的主题文章: