Man by the Audi car shampoo smashed window drop from the clouds (video) peepsamurai

Man by the Audi car shampoo is the groom smashed window drop from the clouds today Mr. Peng big day, a bottle of shampoo and the bride makes him depressed — smashed zhuhun car shampoo to drop from the clouds, they. Mr. Peng’s new land to build in Hongshan District in Star City district. Today, 9 am, after Mr. Peng took the bride, busy in the new home to the parents of tea. After that, a couple will go to the hotel for the wedding. Zhuhun car is a luxury of the new Audi A8 sedan, parked in the area between 4 and 1 unit 1 Building 1 unit. Mr. Lee sat in the car waiting for the new man to go downstairs to the hotel Audi. 9:30, Mr. Lee was a bang bang startled, look carefully, the front windshield was smashed a hole, bolicha splashed his face. "A large bottle of 750 ml." Lee said, he got off and found that there was a big bottle of shampoo just hit the car glass, he looked upstairs, but I do not know where the shampoo is falling. For the glass is estimated to be ten thousand yuan." Today morning, Metropolis Daily reporter rushed to the area to see, two buildings are 30 storey high, because the area is was submitted in March of this year, the owners are not many. Residential property staff told reporters, after the incident, the property sent from asked two residents of the unit, but did not admit their shampoo. "The day of exultation, encounter this kind of thing." Mr. Peng angrily said, because zhuhun car smashed, they had to transfer to the hotel. Moreover, Mr. Lee came to help, innocent suffer loss, he felt very guilty. Reporters learned from the Hongshan police station, which has been involved in the investigation. (reporter Liu Yi Wei Lai) Weifang excavator smashed car shot drop from the clouds.相关的主题文章: