Man will pour hot oil pot full of grievances colleagues on the other side of a large area burns

Man will pour hot oil pot full of grievances each other colleagues a large area burns on a cold front, a Changzhou property company, will be a pot of cooked spicy oil spilled to the colleague Shimou, lead to each other on a large area burns. More than 3 in the morning, the victim has a history in his dormitory fell asleep, suddenly a cold kick open the dormitory door, put a pot of boiling oil poured on him. After a history of being scalded, the first time I think of a certain cold in retaliation for him, because in the case of a few hours before the incident, a partnership with someone else to the cold to beat a meal. According to the cold explained afterwards, he adopted this approach to deal with Shimou, mainly have patience. A history and a cold in the West for this company to work for two years, two years in the two conflict has occurred many times physical conflict. The reason is that the history of a cold one would not listen to him, cut off his money, so vindictive. Not long ago, Shimou cousin was expelled to the property, Shimou also suspected to be a cold ghosts, so in the night, and his brother Shimou holding a fire extinguisher will be forced to monitor the dead cold area, the cuff and kick him. A cold again and again, and said he would resign tomorrow, the history of this just let him go. Which, after a few hours, he was a cold revenge. Currently, the case is still under trial.相关的主题文章: