Manual operation error! The awakening of self wounding robot follow-up christie stevens

Manual operation error! The awakening of self wounding "robot following yesterday, mother reported the robot wounding Penguin occurred in the Shenzhen hi tech fair. After the tragedy, the fair in administrative micro-blog to explain the cause of the accident, to clarify the cause of the accident is not improper for the human operator, netizens brain hole open to the awakening of self wounding". According to reports, in November 17th, took place in robot wounding in the eighteenth fair hall 1 Shenzhen spreadview Century Technology Co. Ltd. booth. For a robot without fat under the instruction to suddenly smashed glass booth, eventually leading to partial destruction of booth. More seriously, the robot also injured passers-by, leaked online display in the picture, the injured have been stretchers. A broken glass on the scene and a wounded man on a stretcher. It is reported that the accident due to improper operation of the exhibitors staff, exhibitors at the time of the accident in a mobile robot will try to open the chubby mask to booth, mistakenly press back into forward key, has not stopped in time by the other side, leading to booth glass is knocked down part of broken glass scratched a member of the audience on the other side of the booth, the whole process lasted about 10 seconds. The robotic company said, in the case of chubby open mask, will automatically close the obstacle avoidance sensor, which is in order to better achieve the control of it, the participating staff operational errors, so the emergence of these accidents. After the event, the scene of the relevant personnel immediately accompanied the audience to the hospital. After diagnosis, the audience for skin trauma, there is no harm. Artificial intelligence industry said that the current domestic robots are controlled by computer program, does not have the "human counterattack" independent consciousness. Prior to this, Germany has also appeared in the robot killings and other similar events, but now all of these events have been confirmed and artificial intelligence is no relationship. Foreign experts also said: the existing technology, the robot has not developed to that extent." "People’s expectations and fears of robots are over their heads. They are too sensitive to science fiction films and media reports." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: