Media commentary reality show do not be too serious, play, but the values should be correct t420s

Media comment on the reality show: not too seriously, but can "play" values to the right of "real man" program. JINGWAH Times reported in November 2nd, the Olympic gold medalist swimmer Sun Yang, on his own in the reality show "real man" fire, micro-blog criticized the reality show by play, feel again again three to be fooled, then delete micro-blog seconds. And coincidentally, "The Voice of China" contestant Liang Bo also exposed, they participate in the program had received the "Manuscript" let him read, which makes his heart full of doubt. To admit Sun Yang cannon and Liang Bo, a netizen said, "life is so hard. Why?" Even users and viewers know that almost all rely on the reality show or play acting elements, Sun Yang and Liang Bo’s voice, and seemed a bit Things seldom seen are strange. But in view of the fact that Sun Yang is the sports circles, to the entertainment play do not understand, Liang Bo participated in the "good voice" before, is a pure music lovers, two people can not accept the reality show on show, is also reasonable. Relative to the occupation actor, reality show on show is a completely logical thing, for example, and Sun Yang join the "real man" Yang Mi said, "for me, is the real training, really in sweat, every drop of sweat is true," said Yang Mi did not have to pick. The training is indeed true, but out of training programmes at a plot of the actor will be of use to face occupation habits, play on the play, what’s the big deal? Some of the many stars in a reality show, is also the first a little bit later used, but how many will face the problem according to the script. Insiders say, a reality show the content of the "seven two guide", this is probably reliable, because if the character set to the actors and actors nature does not match the actor can feel awkward and unnatural, if the script just released the actor performing space, actor why not? In reality in the play very hi, by the way also earn a lot of fees, it is no wonder that many popular actors do not play to the television drama, became a regular reality show. There are also individual reality show, there is a "true two guide seven" situation, this actor is a bit hard, easily lead to the actors during the recording of the show absent-minded, and even lead to negative emotions, but this situation is still less. TV production reality show, the starting point is to stimulate the performance of the actor’s performance, contributing to the audience wonderful lens, the crew did not deliberately embarrass the crew. Looking back over the past few years, the popular national reality show, which is not the judges, actors and crew to work closely with the results? If you want to see a 100 percent reality show, it’s an impossible task. The final show is a reality show, music and subtitle means rely on a large number of filming material, melodramatic clips, heighten the atmosphere, that is to say, even if there is no shooting script, the guests are hundred percent true expression, finally presented to the audience, as is the processing with the nature of writing after work. Moreover, the reality show did not conceal the intention of the use of the script, if after the end of the program to pay attention to the list of behind the scenes staff.相关的主题文章: