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Metro Line 6 train for the first time through the end of the Han River open trial operation news (reporter Tan Delei Zhang Chi correspondent Liu Dandan) Wuhan rail transit line 6 phase of the project made significant progress. At 11:10 yesterday morning, a yellow tractor with a list of "engineering PARROT GREEN" subway train to Hanyang Qintai station, first crossing Hanjiang River, arrived in Hankou wusheng road station. Mark the line 6 across the board to complete the laying, for the first time through the Han River vehicle "cold slip test, lay a good foundation for the opening of the end of this year. The Wuhan Metro Group, Metro Line 6 project in the opening of trial operation of the camp, the line must experience the "cold slip", "hot slip", the FBI test and train test run in several stages and links. "Cold slip" is the train in electricity, no power under the condition of engineering by tractor dragging the trains "pressure test run, equivalent to train" pathfinder". "Hot" is in the case of electricity, the train comes with its own power, the signal system under the test run. Wuhan Metro Group headquarters construction vehicle manager Zhu Shengrui said that with the Qintai station to wusheng road paved rail station across the river, across the board yesterday, the last section — the ZhongJiaCun Railway Station to Hanzheng Street station interval also meet the test conditions, the "cold start slide" test run. He explained that from tomorrow, the last section of the beginning of "hot" trial run. According to the plan, November 20th, line 6 line start according to the train diagram of trial operation, power supply, signal, vehicle, screen door system comprehensive FBI test, in 20 days will be in strict accordance with the train timetable opening test run. As the longest subway line under construction in Wuhan, the first phase of the line 6 project from the Wuhan Development Zone Sports Center to the East and West Lake District gold and Silver Lake Park, a total length of 35.95 km, set up a station of 27. If the train in accordance with the average travel speed of about 32 km per hour (including the arrival time of the parking lot), running a one-way trip takes about 65 minutes. This line is Wuhan’s first using A type car lines, carrying 562 passengers more than B car. Vehicle line color PARROT GREEN as a decoration, equipped with a total of 40 trains, has been to the Han in the 36 column, is expected in early December, all vehicles to Qi, the line is scheduled to open the trial operation by the end of this year.相关的主题文章: