Middle aged gentleman monster lick car pad is not illegal pppd-175

Middle aged gentleman "monster lick car pad" is not illegal? Some time ago, the penguin mother reported a Japanese female high school students on twitter for help, live in their own downstairs uncle repeatedly lick his bike pad, netizens dubbed it is the devil to lick car mats". There are media consulting lawyers, if the uncle really lick the car pad, whether it caused crime? Q: is this gentleman’s behavior a crime? A: licking the woman’s high school bike pad should be treated as a crime of damage to equipment, the uncle may be sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and a fine of less than 300 thousand yen. Women’s high school students can put forward the cost of compensation for bicycles. Although some people would think that the car did not cause damage to the pad, but the damage is not limited to physical damage, but also psychologically unbearable behavior. For example, in the restaurant tableware pee, will be judged as artifacts damaged. Although the psychological conflict of this case will be lighter than the urine, but can not deny the possibility of damage to the crime of goods. Q: is it necessary to look for the police? A: if the woman’s tweet is a matter of fact, the danger caused by the serious uncle would be tracking, should alarm processing. If you do not lick the bike pad, but smell the smell, it is difficult to pursue legal responsibility. But tracking the possibility is very high, it is necessary to find the police milo. For the lawyer’s explanation, Japanese netizens have expressed their views: if I was her parents will consider moving." "If the smell is just in the legal edge ball hit?" "In essence with the pupils will blow right girl clarinet is the same." "The behavior of the uncle is completely different from that of the child." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: