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More than a hundred thousand waves of overtime workers who plan to spend more than 10 days exposure is still no response 15 days around 19, there is still a bright light in the office of the building. Reporter Pan Qingzhao photo 15, Mid Autumn Festival, the wave of "endeavour plan" has been discovered after the first national holidays. High tech Zone wave Road No. 1036 wave group traffic, still busy. At this point, the distance from the Endeavour application outflow has been 10 days, the wave of the group is still no authoritative response, but the storm did not seem to affect the Mid Autumn Festival overtime rhythm". As of press, no evidence that the wave of the Mid Autumn Festival overtime and "endeavour project". In earlier August 16th, to carry forward the endeavour, praising the endeavour, striving to endeavour "and the formation of" wave band Endeavour ", perhaps from the side confirmed the wave of" Endeavour "atmosphere has been formed…… [out] the Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival overtime (15 days) on the same day, Ji’nan becomes a ghost town, a lot of road car less thin, thick tone from the car radio in the reunion…… 15:14 high tech Zone tide Road No. 1036 gate traffic wave group, is very lively. 15:14-16:17 has 18 people or walk, or ride a bike, or taxi into the wave of the group gate. 6 taxi and the arrival of those who got off the small step into the north side of the building, there are couples with the appearance of the baby with the same as the north side of the office building, with two people on the north side of the building, there are more than 2 people. Another 1 people let the taxi waiting outside the door, into the car after more than 20 minutes left. During this period, there are more than a dozen private cars into, seven or eight private cars left. There are 3 express little brother to send a wave of employees to chest hanging documents from the gate after the back office, did not go out again. 16:18 wave group on the curb of the gate of bicycles and electric vehicles become more and more, it is the wave of employees of transport, more than 20 vehicles. There are about 11 people left during that time. Some of them like some gift items, hand pulling a suitcase. 16:35 personnel and vehicles to reach a small peak – a total of 26 people and a total of 15 vehicles to enter and leave the personnel and vehicles were also increased to 21 and 14 vehicles. A large wave of people waiting for taxis and private cars has also increased. 16:47 car radio host portions of said "come home soon, at this time to enter the gate of the wave of the group staff has increased to 32 people, and seemingly continuously…… The total number of people entering the 17:25 has reached 45; a total of 23 private cars into the car, a BMW car on the copilot seat also contains children. Reporters noted that the vast majority of people entering and leaving the seemingly twenty or thirty year old young people. 17:35 left people suddenly increased, 61 people, 73 people, 86 people, 106 people, 124 people…… The number of total left at the ten meter increase. 17:56 to increase the number of people to leave about 159 people, after the baby into the couple’s wife has also been taking children waiting at the door. There is a wave of departure.相关的主题文章: