Nanada Mayumi 2016 Chinese for gorgeous ending quality Chinese – Sohu maternal parenting philosophy.

Nanada Mayumi 2016 Chinese for gorgeous ending quality China – maternal parenting philosophy from Sohu Beijing time on the night of November 12th, Ms. Nanada Mayumi Chinese for the last lecture in ShangHai Railway Station scientific parenting perfect curtain call, at the same time for nearly a week of < seven Tian Zhen Yu beauty lady 2016 Chinese trip and international expert scientific parenting adventure > gorgeous ending stroke! The Nanada Mayumi 2016 Chinese trip as one of the seven pregnancy, Dr. Tian really excellent heritage, has repeatedly visit Chinese, 2016 Chinese trip in addition to carry out the teaching guidance, hope to make the best of "seven field type" parenting concept passed to more Chinese family through scientific parenting adventure. The event photos of November 5th to November 12th of the seven day Chinese trip, Nanada Mayu visited Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the focus of beauty, Xiamen, Nanjing, Shanghai, the country’s five largest city of the seven Tian Zhen International Education Center, brought a dry goods full of International Seminar on parenting for many China fans! Nanada Mayumi, Tian · seven; Institute of educational research, seven deputy general manager Tian · Education Institute Director Tian seven life natural food corporation president of American Life Sciences Institute certified member of Ms. Nanada Mayumi has unique opinion and the research for Molecular Science Parenting, based on the principle of integration of medical attention, fetal period to 6 years old children, the natural food, natural therapy, safety supplies and other series of research, developed the modern parenting mode of preschool education, family health, family food education, the combination of the three. Has published "Happy Education" right to pregnant at the age of 3, much like the Japanese parents. The event photos Nanada Mayumi’s 2016 trip to Chinese Science Lecture on around "as the theme of how to wake up the child’s innate wisdom". In international perspective, with rigorous scientific attitude, analyzes the way to wake children intelligent way for parents to participate in the activities of each depth lectures, once launched fascinating, get a lot of parents praise. The potential energy of the child, unfortunately. In any family, the child is also a mirror of the parents, in the process of educating the child, the child’s potential to arouse the process, we have to grow their own parents. Children are also very dependent on their parents, we are not only raising a child on the line. We want to tap the child’s imagination, creativity, intuition, to help children use the greatest ability to improve learning efficiency. Their parents to participate in the activities of the scene fan delta to carry out face-to-face exchanges and interaction in the active site of parenting Ms. Nanada Mayumi also with the "seven field" loyal fans, in view of the present situation and parenting parenting problems for parents to provide scientific and professional solutions for them. Fans to participate in the enthusiasm is very high, the fans are enthusiastic, enthusiastic questions! This paper puts forward a lot of representative and constructive topics on the formative education of 0-6 years old children. A salon for some scientific parenting parents of the seven field really international education.相关的主题文章: