Nantong, a boy suddenly died kindergarten kindergarten camera broken mia farrow

The sudden death of a boy in Nantong kindergarten kindergarten: eight bad camera this morning about child deaths occurred in Rudong County of Shiping Feng Li Zhen kindergarten, a six year old boy vomiting when the slide. Then, the boy was sent to the shiping Feng Li Zhen Hospital, after she died. The boy in Rudong Feng Li Town, Shiping kindergarten. Eight this morning, the boy’s class of 45 students under the leadership of the teacher, to play in front of the teaching building of the slide. The boy did not appear uncomfortable symptoms at the beginning, did not expect the second ladder began to vomit. Morning, eight fifty or so, the boy was confirmed dead, which makes the child’s parents are difficult to accept. The boy’s grandfather said: the children in the morning with his half past six breakfast, Lee took the class, and then go to work, then the child is dead, can not accept the fact that. It is understood that there are only two or three kindergartens with a good use of the camera, the other security personnel said: the camera is broken, the eight. Park side expressed the hope that parents through legal means to determine the cause of the death of Wang, the police have been under investigation.相关的主题文章: