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The national team running admission "hot market private equity giant private equity fund blowout – fund channel in recent years, so many private institutions overweight equity fund layout. Behind this pattern of change is pushing hands, such as insurance funds, the central enterprises and other national team funds, especially from local state-owned enterprises, local government funds to guide the fund. Analysts expect, with the admission of multi-channel national funds, the rapid growth of the scale of private equity funds will continue. Private equity investment increased over the past year, a private equity fund in Shenzhen Marketing Director Chen name has been prepared in the private equity fund issue, although the agency over the past few years in the private equity investment that a lack of performance record, but proceeds smoothly but contrary to his expectations. The company invested two market funds, in recent years the performance is very poor, only a few products are 8 fast break hair, which makes private equity securities issued this year to difficult, this one had shrunk by about 40%, only from other products complement." Chen name admits. "Private equity of this one, the first or several customers to the company at the end of 2015, homeopathy launched a product, but to our surprise, products raise abnormal smooth, did not take direct channels, raised two hundred million or three hundred million yuan." Chen Ming said. He said that this year, although the scale of the company’s securities private equity fund has shrunk to about 4, but rely on the issuance of private equity funds, the overall size of the company’s assets, there is an increase of about 20%. These cases are not isolated cases, since the fourth quarter of 2015, many securities private equity funds are accelerating the rich product line, one of the most fancy is a primary and secondary market. "This year, we gradually reduce the market in two to increase investment, mergers and acquisitions, private equity class, will increase investment, some stock products to us has been set up recently in communication with the customer to modify the terms of private equity assets, plans to increase investment in the." Shenzhen, an asset management scale five billion level of private equity fund official said. In fact, many of the private equity business is not the main body, in the process of transformation of private equity as an important industry to transform. Such as mutual gold platform should believe that the letter should be the parent fund, the recent establishment of the parent fund of about 10 billion scale, specializing in private equity funds. The letter should fund managing partner Liao Junxia recently in an China Securities Journal reporter pointed out that, at present, the asset structure changes very large, many fixed income asset returns in the downlink, the traditional economy has also encountered many challenges. The private equity category has a strong cross cyclical characteristics. In the case of significant fluctuations in the economy reflects the characteristics of a strong cross cycle, which in 2008 during the global financial crisis was very obvious. She said: "there are three gold asset allocation principle, is a cross regional cross sectoral asset allocation, two cross asset class configuration, third very important is the super distribution of offbeat assets, private equity is the most important asset for the offbeat." National team running admission is noteworthy, private equity.相关的主题文章: