Ningbo Wanda area parking fees for a month roadside zombie car disappeared cashmere mafia

Wanda Ningbo area parking a month roadside zombie car disappeared little mobile phone, will be able to find a few empty, pay parking fees. Yesterday, a reporter from the Ningbo Yinzhou District rule blocking office learned that Wanda Yinzhou area road parking pilot implementation of a month, the average daily turnover rate not only increases nearly 100% berths, long-term parking, zombies have disappeared, the reduction of parking berth service short-term parking demand function. Wanda area road parking pilot area north of Songjiang Road, East Road, South Tiantong, Trade City Road West in North Road, total road parking berths 350. Since the operation of the system in October 8, 2016, it has played a positive role in alleviating the traffic congestion by adjusting the parking supply and demand contradiction and standardizing the parking behavior through the price lever. Yinzhou District governance to do a special investigation, mainly road parking berth turnover rate. "In charge before the implementation, Wanda road parking area is over saturated, rush hour more than and 600 parked, half of which are illegal lane and even the dusty zombie car, serious impact on road traffic." Yinzhou District governance blocking the person in charge, after the start of the pilot fees, free parking vehicles within 30 minutes, respectively, accounted for 72% and 48% of all vehicles, free time set to meet the basic needs of more than half of the short-term parking demand. Here is a set of data: changes in the role of price leverage, parking ratio decreased from 38% to 7% on the daytime work here for more than 2 hours long, 15 minutes following short-term parking ratio increased from 24% to 42%, significantly reduced the long-term parking, zombie car disappeared, the reduction of the parking space short time service parking demand function. Even in the peak period to ensure that the owners have a bit to stop. The responsible person also revealed that, because some of the owners of convenient, long habit parking behavior, the Wanda area illegal parking, no parking norms still occur within the area of the number of car wash shops and second-hand car shop long occupied the sidewalk, non motorized vehicles (car, car, business car) repeatedly prohibition, the relevant departments are to strengthen the standardized management and punishment.相关的主题文章: