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North Korea International Film Festival: foreign film "hard to get a vote of our family story" won the highest honor "torch award film festival". The fifteenth Pyongyang International Film Festival near sunset under the curtain, the Korean film "our story" won the highest honor "torch award film festival". The film is based on a true story, tells the story of young women out of the campus after Li Zhengai committed to foster, eventually won the North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun cited the story. The film in September this year in the Korean domestic release, the media spoke highly of the "noble spiritual world" heroine, called "the great achievements of young people in the party’s ideological work". Festival poster erected on the streets of Pyongyang. The Pyongyang International Film Festival was born in 1987, the North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung was directly inspired the establishment, first name is "Pyongyang aligned with the developing film festival", only a few countries to open, held in September 1st of that year to 10. At the beginning of the second session of 1990, the Film Festival set the policy for the next two years. In 2002, the festival was renamed the Pyongyang International Film Festival, officially for filmmakers around the world, but because of the reason as everyone knows, the United States, South Korea, the Japanese movie is very difficult to obtain the opportunity or show. In 2004, the British film "play like Beckham" in the Pyongyang Film Festival "torch Award" competition, and finally won the best music award, the first intimate contact is the western world and the Korean film industry. The fifteenth Pyongyang Film Festival this year, a total of Germany, France, Syria, Philippines, China and other countries and regions, a total of 11 films in the competition, the participation of the more than and 60 films. Compared to the previous 100, this year’s size has shrunk. With the annual film festival to participate in the Swedish independent producer Henrik · (Henrik Nydqvist), then, this may be associated with the tensions in the peninsula recently. The vice chairman of the festival organizing committee, the Korean film import & Export Company general manager Kim in Hector in an interview with the Agence France-Presse said that the organizing committee can be accepted works, must be able to reflect the Pyongyang Film Festival mission works, namely independence, peace and friendship, "the movie of his country and cross criticism, we are not selected". The story of our family won the best actress award. In the end, the jury awarded the best picture award to the story of our family, the jury will also be awarded a special award for the Syria film "mother". Best actor by the Russian film "green carriage", and best actress award, best cinematography and other awards were all "our family story" into the bag. Say, after ten years the best film award by the German film ("my beautiful motherland", "ambition", "Hitler boy") and Chinese film ("walk to school", "assembly") "we divided," the story of the top, on behalf of the local power regression the. Pyongyang International Film Festival poster. This year’s Pyongyang Film Festival jury consists of five members, including the British Independent Director Matt · (Matt Hulse), Aarhus; New Zealand filmmaker El · (SAL can.相关的主题文章: